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Why Did Pepsi Get Attacked As “Tone-Deaf” On This Ad?

demonizes the Other without even listening, even when the Other is mere steps away on the political spectrum, dividing rather than uniting and leaving us all at risk when the real forces of repression sweep in

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The Secret of the Fulcrum Principle

“achieve the greatest result with the least amount of effort,” including finding others to do some of the work. Change happens as fast as possible, but as slow as necessary.Why we need both “shock troops” and “put-it-back-togethers”

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Forget Recriminations. Let’s Organize!

We need to challenge this new and ugly reality at every turn. The resistance must be strong, rooted in the power of nonviolence, and willing to use every tactic of other successful nonviolent struggles

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When Does Social Change Work Become a “Calling”?

A few times in my life, I’ve experienced a genuinely calling: a feeling that I was put into this place at this time to do something.

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Rep. Alan Grayson: Let’s Celebrate This Victory

If a black person was told an apartment had already been rented, my white Jewish mom was one of the people who would go and try to rent it afterwards. That family history made it easier for me to take on a long list of causes–even organizing the movement that saved a threatened mountain while all the “experts” said “this is terrible, but there’s nothing we can do.”

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In Spite of the Realities…I'm Still Optimistic

The news is terrible again: Dreadful violence in Gaza and Iraq, charities bankrupted by the Madoff scam, military forces massing on the India-Pakistan border, an open homophobe giving the invocation at the Obama inauguration, tough times for industries from publishing

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