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Why are we STILL Beating Our Children?

But never mind all that. What really appalls me is the number of people responding on both Facebook and Marketwatch advocating variations on beating the crap out of the ungrateful kid. And one thing I don’t question is that the reader comments are genuine.

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If Kitty Litter Can Cause a Nuclear Waste Explosion, Shouldn’t We Shut the Industry Down?

BUT the whole problem with the nuclear industry is that it relies on a world where human error doesn’t happen. Unfortunately, human error happens constantly. Exploding kitty litter is the least of it.

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The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: Book Review

The Four Intelligences of the Business Mind: How to Rewire Your Brain and Your Business for Success, by Valeh Nazemoff (CA Technologies, 2014), reviewed by Shel Horowitz, primary author, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green According to the Nazemoff, any successful business needs to concentrate on four different types of intelligence. The first is financial intelligence, which […]

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Does a Cracker Really Need a 20,000-Mile Epic Journey?

But talk to any dairy farmer in the US, and you’ll find that the economics are very troubling. And when imports are dumped below-cost into subsistence farm economies in developing countries, the results can be tragic.

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Starbucks’ “Race Together”: Am I the Only One Who Thinks It’s a GOOD Idea?

Starbucks has been getting a lot of flack since announcing its “Race Together” initiative…But I actually think this time Starbucks did something sensible and good:

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What the US Would Need for a Viable Progressive Presidential Campaign

Perhaps we’d get a viable party that actually stands for the people’s interest—or the planet’s…not by coincidence, things like health care and college education and maternity leave are considered fundamental rights. Meanwhile, we’re stuck with Tweedlebad and Tweedlehorrible.

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Review of Creative Anarchy: How to Break the Rules of Graphic Design for Creative Success

A common rule in book publishing is that books have both a front and a back. However, this book has two fronts. The larger, green, side is more or less about the rules. The thinner, red, side is about breaking those rules.

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Fish Market

When Price Matters…And When It Doesn’t

Nobody is a prisoner of their own geography any more. I can’t compete on price with some clown on a bottom-feeding service bidding site who throws an article into a word-blender

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Finding Successful Ways to Confront Oppressive Behavior

So instead, I thought for a couple of minutes about what type of response would actually be heard and not blocked out—what could actually advance a dialog…And amazingly enough, this actually did open a door for some mild and thoughtful dialog. Not a perfect outcome but one I could feel reasonably good about. I had used the marketing principles I teach, and given the right message for the audience.

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Forget the Disney Reality Show–Give Me Reality!

The whole experience made me very grateful that neither of my kids ever showed any interest in going to Disney. They’d much rather come with us to places like Denmark, Italy, and California (we live in Massachusetts).

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