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Hyperion Contact Us page

Worst. Contact Page. Ever: Hyperion Books

Dear Hyperion Books: All I wanted to do was to send you a review copy request so I could review “Stirring It Up” by Stonyfield Farm founder Gary Hirshberg. I review books on socially and environmentally conscious business. I went to your contact page expecting to find a press contact. But all that’s there is […]

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$107 Billion: Bank of America’s Full Cost of Toxic Mortgage Policies

And let’s not forget the legal bill, now around $70 billion, not to mention the possibility of criminal prosecutions.

In short, Countrywide’s disgusting practices have now cost Bank of America over $107 billion: more than 50 times the acquisition price.

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Score One For Farmers

A court ordered a utility company to buy the organic grass-fed cattle farm it ruined by driving a powerline through it.

Hmmm. Maybe this strategy can be applied…by organic farmers suffering the double indignity of losing their organic status and…

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Make Workers More Comfy, and Save a Bundle on Energy

Offices: too hot, too cold, and no Goldilocks to find the happy middle ground of “this one is just right.” How can you find that happy medium that accommodates the woman in a sleeveless sundress ?and? the man in the suit…the person whose desk is a foot away from the air conditioning vent (which chills […]

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National Geographic Commits to Recycled Paper

Out the window goes the argument from any magazine that the quality of their photography makes it impossible to use at least some recycled. If National Geographic can do it, any magazine can do it.

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Separating #1 from #2: New Frontiers in Peeing

Don’t call me a potty-mouth, but today, I’m going to talk about porta-potties. You see, I spoke at SolarFest again this past weekend, and once again, I noticed some major innovation. A few years ago at SolarFest, I first encountered vented porta-potties: a major new innovation. This year, another one: Porta-potties earmarked “pee only,” with […]

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Author House and XLibris Meet Kickstarter and IndyGoGo

This year, at Book Expo America, I interviewed Enrique Parrilla, co-founder of, with offices in Sevilla (Seville), Madrid, and Los Angeles. Pentian marries publishing services with crowdfunding—something I don’t think the publishing world has seen before, and something that to me at least seems more attractive than the typical subsidy publishing model of most […]

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How to Get Off Fossil Fuels: Amory Lovins

In Aspen, Colorado, this house has neither a furnace nor an air conditioner, and it’s warm enough inside to grow bananas. The extra cost of the energy improvements was essentially paid for by the capital savings of not needing those big clunky systems.

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When Is Discrimination OK?

if I reserve that privilege for myself, how can I possibly justify withholding it from someone else who runs a service business and has different values than mine?

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I’ve Never Seen This in a Hotel Before

Most importantly, being greeted by this message sets a tone for all my interactions with the hotel. I’m going in to any conversation with the attitude that they care about me. This perception is reinforced by the very helpful nature of every staffer I’ve dealt with so far (even before I opened the services notebook and saw the memo)—and would, of course, be destroyed if their personnel were rude, etc. But it certainly creates a good flow of positive energy.

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