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Why I NEVER Want to be “Killing It”

I do not use “killing it” or “crushing it” to mean “successful.” Successful does not have to be about dominance and submission, winners and losers. I believe in an abundant, win-win world where we have the power to turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance—while making […]

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small fishing boats, at risk

Koch and EDF on the same side? Fishery “land grabs” should concern us all

the public resource of the sea held in common, and giving it, for free and in perpetuity, to large corporations who are already catching the most fish

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Klein’s “Blockadia” Turns Out to be About Protecting our Water

We knew all the way back in 1983-84 how to build a beautiful, modern, net-zero-energy home…our failure to make this the norm is inexcusable…Technology doesn’t have to be about extreme extraction…Science and engineering can actually be the climate movement’s friends.

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Putting Your Trust in Fracked Shale Gas? Not So Fast!

Norway dropped its estimate from 83 trillion cubic feet in 2011 all the way down to zero two years later. Poland reduced its estimate by 80%. And a new University of Texas study has the US shale boom pretty much ending in just five years.

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Do We Never Lose Progress? I Wish Seth Godin Were 100% Right

If you think “it can’t happen here,” do some research on Berlin in the 1920s–or read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale). Or look at the scary anti-Arab and anti-Muslim acts of violence that started showing up regularly in the US starting in the aftermath of 9/11/01 and are still escalating.

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Is It OK To Even Consider Doing The Wrong Thing?

The “evil” Kirk wreaked havoc on the ship with his impulsive behavior. However, the other Capt. Kirk, with only his good side and no access to his ego/evil side, couldn’t make any decisions. He NEEDED the “evil” side for that.

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Can Trying on a Kimono Be an Act of Cultural Imperialism?

To me, the correct response would have been for the museum to meet with the protestors and ask for their input in recasting the exhibit so it enlarged the educational aspect…an even more appropriate way to handle it would have been to involve local Japanese-American organizations in the planning and curation to begin with.

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When SHOULD You Use Robocalls?

But that doesn’t mean the technology should be tossed out. There are times I actually welcome a robocall, and other times when I tolerate them:

These robocalls are welcome:

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Seven reasons NOT to get me to give you money

Other than telling me (on the back) that 95 percent of contributions go to programs, and logos (again on the back) from Ministry Watch and BBB, they do basically nothing to convince me that this is a legitimate organization. There’s no reference to checking them out on Charity Navigator, nothing about what they’ve actually done with the money they received.

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Where One Freedom Ends and Another Begins

But just because the report was false (and probably motivated by someone seeking to stir up religious divisions) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about the underlying issue: when does one person’s freedom stop and another’s start?

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