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Fish Market

When Price Matters…And When It Doesn’t

Nobody is a prisoner of their own geography any more. I can’t compete on price with some clown on a bottom-feeding service bidding site who throws an article into a word-blender

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Finding Successful Ways to Confront Oppressive Behavior

So instead, I thought for a couple of minutes about what type of response would actually be heard and not blocked out—what could actually advance a dialog…And amazingly enough, this actually did open a door for some mild and thoughtful dialog. Not a perfect outcome but one I could feel reasonably good about. I had used the marketing principles I teach, and given the right message for the audience.

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Forget the Disney Reality Show–Give Me Reality!

The whole experience made me very grateful that neither of my kids ever showed any interest in going to Disney. They’d much rather come with us to places like Denmark, Italy, and California (we live in Massachusetts).

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Keeping a Promise, 3 Years Later

…report back on the results of a concentrated effort to get search engines to notice a particular page—in this case, the page for my resume writing services

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Environmental and Social Change Business Bill of Rights—Your Feedback, Please

We, the people of Planet Earth, hereby declare that every nation and the planet as a whole have certain inalienable rights, including Life, Sufficiency, Peace, and Planetary Balance. To these ends, we call upon the governments of the world, at all levels, to establish these rights through mandating the following policies

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How to Get Things Done Across Personality Chasms

As a marketer…I tell my clients to message differently to Deep Greens, Lazy Greens, and Nongreens…it’s [also] important to reach the different personality styles with messages that resonate with each.

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Old Movie Camera

Why I Don’t Watch TV News

World Press Review…featured reportage on the same story from 8 or 10 different papers around the world; it was like a one-stop course in media literacy and the nature of 1) matching message to audience, and 2) shaping the audience through the message. Since I made (and continue to make) my career as a marketer and a journalist, these were crucial lessons.

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Game-Changer: Unilever Considering Becoming Certified B Corp

show the entire business world that corporations don’t have to be rapacious; they don’t have to put short-term gain above the earth and its citizens (human and otherwise). It could even provide major leverage to overturn the body of corporation law that says corporations are legally required to put short-term profit ahead of all other considerations.

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Discover letter-Page 1

8 Ways This Direct-Mail Copywriter Needs to Get a Clue!

This letter actually did inspire me to take action. First, I’m writing this blog. I get to use them as an example of how not to do direct mail. And second, I’m finally going to cancel my Discover card. I don’t choose to do business with companies that lie to me.

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HarperCollins Atlas Omits Israel—So Idiotic, I Thought It Was a Joke

If any governments insisted on refusing entry to accurate atlases, the company could have had a skilled social media manager explain why HC would no longer sell atlases into these countries, and create a pressure movement both from outside the country and from those inside who recognize that not knowing geography is a handicap in the global economic arena

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