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What I Told Seth About Seeing the Journey’s End

people start with “oh, you can’t fix hunger, poverty, war, or climate change, we’ve been struggling with them for thousands of years.”…And then as I lay out a few examples of businesses profiting by changing the world, they see that it can actually work

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Environmental Consciousness in Portugal

But appearances can be deceiving. In 2016, an astounding 58 percent of Portugal’s electricity generation and 27.2 percent of overall energy was renewable

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Why I Don’t Hate “The Donald” (and What I Feel Instead)

I would not consider DT a success. Yes, he’s got a bajillion dollars and has the most powerful job in the world. But he strikes me as a deeply unhappy person.

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Fight On, Beautiful Planet!

Monsanto and ExxonMobil joining forces with environmental leaders like Patagonia, Goolge, Tesla, and Walmart…the US would benefit economically by continuing its leadership through this agreement.

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13 Ways Democrats Could Have Won in November

Six (almost seven) months after the election, and 200 days into the disaster of Trumpian government, Democrats still want to blame it all on the Russians, or on their new hero and recent villain James Comey. Those are real factors. But

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How do You Know When Advertising Claims are Real?

makes part of my living writing (non-hypey, fact-based but emotionally driven) marketing copy for green businesses, I can tell you that not all copywriters take the time to thoroughly understand the products they’re hired to write about. I would want to see independent verification of all these claims

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What I Told the Democrats, and Why

Remember: you are in someone’s email box because of the recipient’s good graces. Don’t abuse the relationship or overstay your welcome. If you annoy, you don’t get read, and eventually

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What I Told the DT Administration: Business Case for Paris Accord

Paris Accord marks a wonderful opportunity for American business…win back the international market share they’ve lost to environmentally forward-thinking European companies.

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Sustainable Flooring Options for 21 st Century Designers

Unfortunately, some hardwood flooring is irresponsibly harvested from forests where trees are not replaced, so it is not an eco-friendly option. One solution is to use…

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40 Years Ago Today, We Changed the World (Part 5, Fighting the Battle Again)

Fukushima…contaminated a 11,500-square-mile area and required the permanent evacuation of 230 square miles…Dollars invested in conservation and renewables will reduce carbon up to 10 times as effectively and 40 times faster than dollars invested in nuclear.

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