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Media is Complicit in Accepting Tiger Woods' Scripted, Unquestioned Apology

My friend Peter Shankman solicited comments from PR practitioners about Tiger Woods’ apology scheduled for later today, and the fact that reporters will not have access to him during the event; they’ll actually be in another building. This drew lots

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Can A Journalist Whose Child is a Soldier be Objective About THAT War?

Very interesting post from Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR), raising the question about whether a journalist with a son in the Israeli army can be neutral and objective in covering the war where his son is a soldier. Rather

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FAIR: Interlocking Directorates Could Influence Media Reportage on Healthcare

In all, though healthcare reform has been mentioned thousands of times in the output of these media corporations’ major outlets, single-payer was mentioned in only 164 articles

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Sidewiki Makes Me Question Google's "Don't Be Evil" Mantra

mmediate spark of this post (which has been brewing for over a week), is my deep concern about Google’s Sidewiki.Sidewiki, as I understand it, allows users who have the Google Toolbar installed to comment, unmoderated, in an area that appears on the left side of the webpage–but those comments are only visible to others who have the Toolbar installed! Among the many evils this can lead to: spamming, blocking site owners’ sources of revenue (or even replacing them with links that benefit those commenting), loss of control over one’s own website, black hat search technique, slander of site owners or contributors, unethical business practices such as deceptive advertising, and even something as simple as wrecking the aesthetic and content integrity of a carefully designed website

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Van Jones Resigns. Glenn Beck, You've Done the Country a Disservice

Glenn Beck, this is the latest in a long line of despicable things you’ve done. You may feel smug now, but you’re the one whose conscience will bother you–not Van Jones.

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Criminal Activity Disguised as Public Relations

I don’t know how you forge a letter from an imaginary person on someone else’s official letterhead—twice!—and call it an accident.

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What Was the Washington Post Thinking to Even CONSIDER This?

Yeah, newspapers have a financial crisis AND great connections–but when you build a brand based on journalistic integrity, this isn’t going to fly very prettily.

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Is Merck on a Silencing Campaign to Neutralize Its Critics?

Very disturbing article on Total Health Breakthroughs about a deliberate campaign by Merck to intimidate, defund ,and otherwise make life miserable for doctors who dared to speak out about the nasty and sometimes-lethal side effects of Vioxx. I am not

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Recent News and Commentary: Health Reform, Corruption–and Mustard

Been spending some time on Huffington Post this morning, always a fascinating place. Here’s some of what I’ve been reading: Oregon’s Senator Jeff Merkley on Republican strategist Frank Luntz’s plan to derail health reform. What he doesn’t talk about is

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Bloggers to Moyers: Progressive Views Too Disruptive to Air

Want to know why right-wing pundits far outnumber those on the left in mainstream US TV? Bloggers Jay Rosen and Glenn Greenwald shared a theory on Bill Moyers Journal: having someone like Amy Goodman of Democracy Now would interfere too

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