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How Thailand Looks at Environmental Issues

By Shel Horowitz During a trip to Thailand, I kept my radar up to see how this small but sophisticated country deals with a number of environmental issues. Disclaimer: This is not intended to be an in-depth look. It’s based

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Head of Nestlé Understands Water Scarcity. Do You?

direct human consumption is the smallest portion of water consumed by humans—just 1.5 percent. The energy and agriculture sectors use far more (and he didn’t even discuss industry in general). He is particularly troubled by “unconventional oil” (such as tar sands), which he says consumes up to 6 liters of water for every liter of fuel, compared with just a tenth of a liter to produce a liter of oil conventionally.

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Going Green: Can Self-Interest Overcome Resistance?

The environmental benefit is saving water, a supercritical but very much underappreciated (and underpriced) natural resource. But to someone without a deep green consciousness, living in a place where water is close to free and appears to be inexhaustible, saving water is not a benefit they can wrap themselves around.

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Today is World Water Day

I just found out today is World Water Day, which you can read about at Water is something far too many of us take for granted, but I believe it will be one of the most important resource issues

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WIll Water be the Oil of the 21st Century?

if you’re like most Americans, when you brush your teeth, you turn the water on (often full-force) and let it run for three minutes or so while you brush. When I brush my teeth, I do it like this:

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