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What Role Can Nonstrategic Mass Movements Play in Social Change?

mass action makes the most sense as part of a well-thought-out and multidimensional campaign. And yet, I’m more optimistic…about the power of a one-off mass action to build momentum for change

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Why Marketers and Activists NEED to REPEL Some People

Seabrook did go online, so we failed in our immediate goal. BUT… the opposition of Thomson and Loeb to our movement helped make it a mass movement, just as the overreaction against civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protestors helped those movements gain strength.

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Waste $92 Million? Sure, Says Entergy

And I’ll bet that Entergy will raise an argument on the order of “you can’t make us shut down, we just spent $92 million to refuel.” Since the company knew full well that this money could be completely wasted and went ahead anyway, I hope that Judge Murtha not only refuses to consider that line of “reasoning,” but makes sure the entire cost is borne not by innocent taxpayers and ratepayers of Vermont, not even by stockhoders who had nothing to do with this decision, but by the members of the Board of Directors who voted to squander this money, and to the executives that pushed for this vote.

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