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“The Social Network” an Antisocial Movie

As a social media user since 1995, and someone who trains others in social media, I’d been wanting to see “The Social Network” for months. Last night, I got my chance. And I was disappointed. It’s a courtroom drama without

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Facebook Pisses Off Marketers…Again

Some of these bone-headed things I just don’t understand, especially when you think about how much of Facebook’s income stream is generated by professional marketers–marketers who have, in many cases, invested significant time and money into their fanpages and their ad campaigns.

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Tim O’Reilly & SF Chronicle on Facebook Privacy Changes

Personally, I go into the online world with the expectation that there is no privacy. And therefore the specific changes don’t bother me over-much. But as someone who writes about ethics, I have a problem with obtaining consent for one restricted set of behaviors and then wildly expanding it while requiring opt-out (and difficult opt-out at that) rather than opt-in. It’s nothing more than an electronic form of bait-and-switch–something I find unethical and in fact argue against in my latest book on business ethics, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet (co-authored with Jay Conrad Levinson).

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Will the Facebook Movie Really Hurt Facebook and Zuckerberg?

An article on one of Newsweek’s blogs speculates that a movie scheduled for next October release will deeply hurt Facebook, and particularly the reputation of founder Mark Zuckerberg. the article also mentions Facebook’s much more immediate problems with various privacy

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Is Facebook's New Terms of Use a Naked Rights Grab?

Facebook’s recently adopted Terms of Use are attracting harsh attention in the online world. Ownership; Proprietary Rights Except for User Content and Applications/Connect Sites, all materials, content and trademarks on the Facebook Service are the property of Facebook and/or its

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