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Forget Recriminations. Let’s Organize!

We need to challenge this new and ugly reality at every turn. The resistance must be strong, rooted in the power of nonviolence, and willing to use every tactic of other successful nonviolent struggles

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My Endorsement for US President

In other years, I would probably vote for Green Party candidate Jill Stein. I voted for Nader twice. I love what Stein says. And I live in Massachusetts, where my electoral votes will go to Clinton no matter what I

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When the Right Thing ISN’T the Right Thing—And How to Do it Better

As we enter into the 2016 campaign, the mantra would be “you can’t trust the Democrats; they betrayed us and they will betray us again.” And this time, they’d be correct…The consequences would include 12 to 20 years of Republican presidents with veto-proof Congressional majorities.

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Hillary or Elizabeth?

8) And she doesn’t want to run. A candidate who doesn’t engage fully in the campaign would be a disaster.

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