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The Lessons *I* Think I Was Teaching

Business Book Photo by Jennifer Marr

I’m a marketer. There’s a deeper psychology here. I believe in transparency, so I’ll step you through the goals I had in posting this, and the action steps I took to meet those goals

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Put Your “Why” FIRST

it’s not enough merely to include the because; you want to lead with it. If you put your reasons why—your higher purpose—right at the top you immediately attract the people who are falling-all-over-themselves-eager to be part of your dream and your mission. This, he says, is why we don’t buy MP3 players or tablets from companies like Dell, but we salivate at Apple’s every product release—because Apple leads with the deeper why.

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Worst Bit of Corporate Gobbledygook of the Day

From a Starbucks press release–the second sentence in the first paragraph, and within the quote, I’ve linked to the full press release: With the goal of prioritization and agreement on criteria for a comprehensive recyclable cup solution, discussions will address

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