Nuclear Loan Guarantees Make Solyndra Bailout Look Like a 5-year-old’s Birthday party

Harvey Wasserman has been a staunch and public opponent of nuclear power since the 1970s (as have I, BTW).

He just posted an article on Huffington Post explaining how the loan guarantees the US is offering the proposed Vogtle nuclear plants in Georgia put U.S. taxpayers at risk for many times the amount lost over Solyndra…how the power company has almost no skin in the game, financially, with all the risk on our shoulders…and how even the very earliest stages of site preparation and construction have been fraught with mismanagement and flawed concrete.

His article goes on to give a quick world-wide wrap-up of the many countries abandoning nuclear, and a glimpse at the better alternatives.

And he links to a petition to stop the loan guarantees, to which I added the following comment when I signed:

These loan guarantees are a terrible solution to nuclear’s failed economics. Closing existing operating nukes and putting he money into *real* clean energy is a far better option.

Help maintain our country’s economic and energy prosperity. Read his article, sing the petition,and get others informed.

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