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Turn Your Green Commitments

Into Marketing Advantages

Reach Green consumers (and Green businesses/ organizations) with marketing that has them calling you!

If you run a Green business or organization—or  one that’s becoming Green—you want to tell your Green story to the world! You want to:

  • Understand how the Green customer fits in with your overall strategic marketing goals
  • Identify and expand your best markets
  • Establish win-win partnerships that let you enter new markets on the arm of a trusted organization in that space
  • Create messaging that shows the informed Green consumer you’re your Green initiatives make you the superior choice
  • Educate the “just learning” consumer about why and how the Green choices you’ve made result in better products, better value, and a better planet
  • Convince the nongreen customer that your product is superior on the merits (and perhaps open a doorway to environmental awareness)
  • Develop powerful strategies and techniques to brand yourself as the expert—while getting coverage in both traditional media (like the New York Times or MSNBC) and social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.)
  • Lower your costs and boost your profits

Shel Horowitz can help you with all of this—at surprisingly reasonable prices. A marketing consultant, copywriter, and Green activist for more than 20 years, Shel is the author of eight books, including the award-winning and category bestselling Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green: Winning Strategies to Improve Your Profits and Your Planet …an international speaker on Green messaging and marketing…a social media strategist all the way back to 1995…and an expert on finding creative and effective ways to market. Click here to read his extended bio.

“We’ve found Shel’s consulting to be very validating and his copywriting very effective at tugging the heartstrings of the target audience. He inspired us to put together a great business plan that is starting to yield real fruit. We highly recommend Shel. He will bring out the best in you and inspire you to help create the tools for your success. He is a great marketer.”
Allen Rubin, Executive Director, National Environmental Hall of Fame

“Shel Horowitz is a smart and savvy copywriter who gets to the heart of any campaign by identifying and building on the key message.”
—Sam Horn, author of Pop! Create the Perfect Pitch, Title and Tagline for Anything, Tongue Fu!® and other books on powerful communication.

“Shel is a remarkably insightful and savvy green-marketing consultant with a feel for what the media seeks and public wants to know, plus a strong work ethic and commitment to deliver. His services are a bargain, and the ROI is great. He wrote a press release for us that has produced three solid media opportunities, and his no-nonsense advice has been very helpful, as has his ability to craft a simple, compelling message.”
—Allen Rathey, Executive Director, Healthy House Institute

“You captured the duality of what we are trying to do in terms of restoring the land and habitat for the Monarchs while also working to provide the communities with viable solutions to their problems. I wouldn’t change a thing!”
—Danielle Lee, Michoacan Reforestation Fund,

“And THIS is why I called you—you are amazing! I love the words you put together to speak about my work—it re-affirms I’m truly doing my ‘soul work’ when I see my life from your perspective.”
—Christine Davis, Lighthearted press, commenting on two press releases

Please click here to read more than 80 testimonials from Shel’s clients .

Contact Shel when you need:

  • An overall strategic marketing plan, custom-tailored to you
  • Marketing plans for individual products and services (stand-alone or in series)
  • Social media strategy and execution
  • Copywriting: press releases/news releases, pitch letters, social media profiles, salesletters, web page copy, fliers and sellsheets, ad copy, informational or sales materials, book proposals, and more
  • Making technical materials understandable to ordinary people
  • Help publishing and marketing professional-quality books, e-books, and other information products that brand you as the helpful expert
  • Help identifying and implementing low-cost, high-return Green initiatives
  • A dynamic speaker with a powerful message about how going green can be more profitable
  • Ongoing marketing support at a lower price (The Green/Socially Conscious Marketing Buffet)

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Green-Related Clients (partial list)

Natural and Wholesome Foods/ Restaurants/Other Retail

  • Barstow’s Bakery and Dairy Store
  • River Valley Market
  • Bart’s Homemade
  • Northampton Food Co-op
  • 1-800 GRANOLA
  • Valley Bicycles
  • Salsarita
  • Jittery Joe’s
  • Chowdah’s


  • Better World Club (national auto/bicycle club, green alternative to AAA)
  • Co-op Development Institute (national trade organization for co-ops)
  • Healthy House Institute
  • Energy Management Consultants (commercial and residential conservation)
  • Montague Retreat Center (green conference facility)
  • Sweet Consultants (B2B natural products sales and marketing)
  • Good Neighbours (Canadian green social network for apartment dwellers)
  • Pollinators Welcome (natural/edible landscaping)
  • Amherst Area Chamber of Commerce
  • J.L. Slattery, Inc. (environmental services)
  • Independent Consultants Network
  • Kristine Bahr, Nutritional Balance Counselor
  • Lawn Jockey (environmentally-friendly landscape design and landscaping)
  • Donna Brooks (holistic yoga instructor)
  • Dr. Jonathan Miller (holistic chiropractic/homeopathy)
  • Network Chiropractic Northampton
  • Dave Ratner, speaker on local economy
  • Amy Mager, acupuncture/Chinese herbal medicine
  • Tranquil Realm  (massage/Reiki)
  • Ruth Rootberg, Alexander Technique practitioner
  • Northwestern District Attorney’s Office (conference on housing and diversity)
  • Dr. David Alpern (smoking cessation/workplace environment)
  • Dependable Business Alternatives
  • Sustainable Step New England
  • Greener Cleaners
  • The Repair Collective
  • Builtspace (environmentally friendly building management software)

Authors and Publishers

  • John Wiley & Sons (Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, back cover)
  • Lingham Press (Harmonious Environment)
  • Elite Books (Healing Our Planet, Healing Ourselves)
  • Walter Brasch (author)
  • Dr. Abraham Gill (author)
  • Neriah Lothamer (author)
  • Larry Baxter (author)
  • ICS Books (Governing Water Rights in Nepal, others)
  • Pájaro Press (Nature Journal)
  • Deer Creek Publishing (What the Parrot Told Alice, What the Orangutan Told Alice)
  • Aristotle & Alexander Press (Too Much for Our Own Good)
  • Gallagher Press (Choosing Simplicity)
  • SageWorks (Making a Difference Colleges: Distinctive Colleges to Make a Better World)
  • Imaginator Press (several books and special environmental project)
  • Autodidactic Press (several books)
  • Adams LLC (The Money Saving Calendar)
  • Leader Garden Press (several books and educational projects)
  • Dog-Eared Publishing (Discovering Sharks and Rays, Discovering Black Bears, etc.)

Activist Organizations/Community Service/Politicians

  • Save The Mountain
  • Green America
  • National Environmental Hall of Fame
  • Lionel Delevingne, documentary photographer of the safe energy/no nukes movement
  • Northampton, MA Nonsmokers Rights Campaign
  • Town of Hadley, MA Long Range Plan Implementation Committee
  • Mary Ford, four-time Mayor of Northampton, MA
  • Rhode Island Clamshell Alliance
  • New York Public Interest Research Group (employee)
  • Homesharing in Hampshire County
  • Mass Aid
  • Teens Opposing Poverty
  • Brooklyn Anti-Nuclear Group
  • Brooklyn Alliance for Survival
  • Valley Dollars (alternative currency)
  • Mediator Fellowship
  • Mike Kirby, City Councilor, Northampton, MA (campaign manager and publicist)
  • Appeal to Reason


  • Eco-Artware
  • Heidi Hanson (visual artist)
  • Michihiro Yoshida (visual artist)
  • New Song Library
  • People’s Music Network
  • Rhode Island Folk Music Society

Media that have Published my Work

  • Green Purchasing Asia 
  • (regular contributor)
  • (regular contributor)
  • (regular contributor for two years)
  • (marketing to the green consumer)
  • (profiles of green businesses)
  • Related Matters (UMass Family Business Center)(more than 70 articles emphasizing
  • resources for local businesses)
  • Daily Hampshire Gazette (in-depth supplement on alternative energy businesses in the Pioneer Valley, as well as many profiles of local/green businesses, artists, etc., and ongoing column for four years)
  • Leisure (natural foods businesses in Franklin County, Massachusetts)
  • (go green with virtual meetings)
  • Boston Globe (Los Angeles on the public bus system)
  • Sustainablog (not-so-green aspects of bottled water)
  • Providence Bulletin (nuclear is not safe energy)
  • The Folio (monthly column on energy issues, 1979)
  • Guerrilla Marketing Association (several articles on green marketing)
  • Green And Profitable (self-syndicated column on green business)
  • PR News (green marketing)
  • GreenMarketing.TV (green marketing)
  • Clean and Green Monthly Newsletter (profiles, tips, book reviews, 1997-present, in
  • various forms)
  • WXOJ (4-year host of a show interviewing green and ethical businesses)

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