Introducing Shel Horowitz’s Green/Conscious Business Marketing Buffet

634095_22309712-sumptuous-buffetIntroducing Shel Horowitz’s Green/Conscious Business Marketing Buffet

Get the services of a top green/socially conscious business profitability expert…for a fraction of the cost of in-house marketing staff—and pay only for what you actually need

Now you can retain one of the world’s leading experts in affordable, effective marketing for small green/conscious businesses just like you—someone who thoroughly understands how to market green products and services to green and nongreen buyers.

Buy as many or as few “trips to the marketing buffet” as you want. You choose the exact services you need. And you get world-class expertise when you need it.

Start with a 30-minute consultation with Shel Horowitz—in-the-trenches green/socially conscious business profitability consultant and green marketing copywriter, bestselling and award-winning author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, and owner of This consultation is free when you commit to four or more months of Shel’s Green Marketing Buffet.

Whenever you desire marketing assistance, pick and choose pieces that you need right then. Don’t decide now, but when you have the need:

  • “Story-behind-the-story” press releases that get noticed by the media—and by readers (3 Buffet Trips each)
  • Writing letters or fliers of up to 2 pages (or portions of longer documents), from scratch—for example, to sell a product or service directly…to invite a strategic partner to cooperate on a joint venture…to bring in new sales channels (2 Buffet Trips each)…
  • Writing articles or website content of up to 5 pages (6 Buffet Trips)
  • Additional consulting time with Shel (1 Buffet Trip per hour)
  • Analysis and critique of your existing marketing documents (1 Buffet Trip per document up to 5 pages)
  • Write a comprehensive marketing plan for a specific product or service (4 Buffet Trips)
  • Write a comprehensive marketing plan for your entire line (12 Buffet Trips)
  • Comprehensive Strategic Marketing Audit, looking at the alignment, slant, look and feel, and overall focus of your entire marketing effort. (5 Buffet Trips per six hours)
  • In-depth “Slice Audit”: a deep and thorough look at any one of your marketing strategies or core markets. One Buffet Trip per strategy or niche.
  • Marketing Tune-Up, offering quick and easy tweaks to up to five marketing pieces—because small changes can lead to BIG increases in performance. Recommended twice a year. (One Buffet Trip)
  • Salad Bar: Whatever you want me to do as long as it’s within my capabilities (3 Buffet Trips per two hours of work, or negotiated individually)

OK, so How Much is it, Already?

The more you buy, the less you pay for each trip to the buffet. You get extra bonus trips when you buy more time, Each package gives you a different number of trips to the Marketing Buffet: four months—20 Buffet Trips; six months—32 Buffet Trips (30 plus 2 bonus trips); twelve months—66 Buffet Trips (60 plus 6 bonus trips).

  Three-payment option SAVE with prepayment
4 months ($3900 value) 3 x $1195 ($3585)

SAVE $315

Pay only $3295

SAVE $605

6 months ($6240 value) 3 x $1895 ($5685)

SAVE $555

Pay only $4995

SAVE $1245

1 year ($12,870 value) 3 x $3395 ($10,185)

SAVE $2685

Pay only $8995

SAVE $3875 

Do You Qualify for This Program?

Since you get time directly with Shel himself, only a limited number of clients can be accommodated. If you’re serious about getting this kind of help, you’ll get a brief questionnaire to help Shel evaluate whether you qualify for this deep level of help. The more your business is aligned with green business practices and values of solving the world’s most pressing problems, the more likely that you’ll be accepted into the program.

GUARANTEE: Try Shel’s imaginative strategic help, powerful copywriting, and think-different training for 60 days, and implement his recommendations. If you’re not thrilled, Shel will refund the unused portion of your marketing buffet credits, minus the list price of any services you’ve used. Of course, any copywriting assignment comes with a free revision if you don’t think Shel nailed it the first time out.