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George Lakey: DT’s Repression is a Huge Opportunity for the Movement

Instead of defending the weak centrist gains of the past 30 years, we go beyond and organize for our wider goals…pushing for a new, kinder, people- and planet-centered normal.

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The Five Happiest Countries in the World

Every one of the five is a social democracy with a strong safety net. The four European countries are also known for their leadership in reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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Environmental and Social Change Business Bill of Rights—Your Feedback, Please

We, the people of Planet Earth, hereby declare that every nation and the planet as a whole have certain inalienable rights, including Life, Sufficiency, Peace, and Planetary Balance. To these ends, we call upon the governments of the world, at all levels, to establish these rights through mandating the following policies

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Passenger Rail, Si! Nuclear Power, No!

The forces that created these two events were very different: government efforts for the train, a combination of citizen activism and market conditions for the shutdown. But several common threads across the wider map of society show that these victories are actually linked.

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How to Get Off Fossil Fuels: Amory Lovins

In Aspen, Colorado, this house has neither a furnace nor an air conditioner, and it’s warm enough inside to grow bananas. The extra cost of the energy improvements was essentially paid for by the capital savings of not needing those big clunky systems.

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Dear Barack, Now Let’s Get It Done!

Of course, some of why I agreed with such a large percentage was because of what he chose to omit: government spying, drone attacking civilians, support for highly dubious massive energy projects, and other things that I find strongly objectionable…

And…I’m still waiting for him to call for a Marshall Plan-style conversion to clean, renewable energy.

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One More Nuclear Domino Falls: Quebec

Vermont Yankee has been operating illegally since March 2012, and immorally and unsafely since Vermont Yankee first opened in the 1970s.

Sooner or later, as a society, we will figure out that not only don’t we need nuclear, but relying on nuclear power poses huge risks—not just the catastrophic failures like Three Mile Island, Chernobyl, and Fukushima, but in routine operation.

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Higher Productivity—Without Fossil or Nuclear—by 2050

9) U.S. industry can produce about 84% more output with 9–13% less energy—without mandates or breakthroughs in innovation.

10) We can capture and integrate the renewable energy needed to meet 80% or more of our electricity needs by 2050.

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How to Talk Green to Tea Partiers: Van Jones

Van Jones puts the argument for going green into an issue of individual economic liberty, and turns the don’t-subsidize-solar argument into a compelling Tea-Party-friendly argument for ending oil subsidies.

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Environmental Progress in Ireland and Northern Ireland

I have seen exactly one rooftop solar hot water installation, and the only places I’ve seen photovoltaic have been on self-powered electronic highway signs. Of course, it’s not the sunniest place in the world; an Italian immigrant told us, “in Ireland, they call this a beautiful day. In Italy, we would call it a disaster.”

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