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Is Your Advertising or Marketing Working AGAINST You?

I received a fund appeal from a climate-change nonprofit asking for money to put this ad on the air. I was so appalled that I sent this letter: [Subject] THIS AD WILL DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE WANT Re:

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Meeting Hate with Hate is Not the Answer

This makes his refusal to be bound by facts more understandable. Catch him in a lie and he denies he ever said it, or denies it means what it appears to—because to admit and apologize would pry loose his grip on the minds of his followers.

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Does Making Decisions Lower Our Math Skills?

Leaving aside the flaw in the Obama example—he’s often photographed wearing something other than a suit—let’s look at a deeper argument within the article: Petrone’s claim, based on an L.A. Times article quoting two different experts on decision making, that making lots of decisions can lower math skills:

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