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Melania, Dr. Seuss, Racism, and Class Issues—What a Kerfluffle

just as Soeiro cites sources that bolster her opinion, I can cite sources that bolster mine. For example, this profile of Seuss in Tikkun highlights many of his progressive activities…

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Why Did Pepsi Get Attacked As “Tone-Deaf” On This Ad?

demonizes the Other without even listening, even when the Other is mere steps away on the political spectrum, dividing rather than uniting and leaving us all at risk when the real forces of repression sweep in

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“Plain Language” vs. Offensive Language

And there’s a difference between “plain language” and foul language. I grew up on the tough streets of the Bronx, and it was a minefield of F-bombs and other expletives–but I’ve lived in places where cursing is considered not just extremely rude but an offense against religion. So, take your choice–the left -wing or right-wing possibility of why he was teed off.

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