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What Role Can Nonstrategic Mass Movements Play in Social Change?

mass action makes the most sense as part of a well-thought-out and multidimensional campaign. And yet, I’m more optimistic…about the power of a one-off mass action to build momentum for change

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Let’s Have Some Fun with a Stillborn Nuke: A Contest

The Washington Post reports that the never-finished, never-operated Bellefonte Nuclear Power Plant, in Hollywood, Alabama is for sale at the bargain-basement price of $36.4 million. It has cost more than $5 billion to build as much of it as Tennessee Valley

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False Promises, Unnecessary Obsolescence

False Promises Vermont’s first-in-the-nation GMO labeling law went into effect this week. I consider that a very good thing, far superior to the kludged-together industry-giveaway federal version currently under discussion in Congress. But it got me thinking about the promise the food industry

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Klein’s “Blockadia” Turns Out to be About Protecting our Water

We knew all the way back in 1983-84 how to build a beautiful, modern, net-zero-energy home…our failure to make this the norm is inexcusable…Technology doesn’t have to be about extreme extraction…Science and engineering can actually be the climate movement’s friends.

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Passenger Rail, Si! Nuclear Power, No!

The forces that created these two events were very different: government efforts for the train, a combination of citizen activism and market conditions for the shutdown. But several common threads across the wider map of society show that these victories are actually linked.

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How to Get Off Fossil Fuels: Amory Lovins

In Aspen, Colorado, this house has neither a furnace nor an air conditioner, and it’s warm enough inside to grow bananas. The extra cost of the energy improvements was essentially paid for by the capital savings of not needing those big clunky systems.

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Supernuclear Japan Doing Fine Without Nukes

Now, Japan’s utilities are predicting a surplus of electricity even during the summer crunch. Yippee!
And this means the whole world really can learn to live more lightly with the same standard of living, replacing environmentally disastrous coal and fossil-fuel plants with conservation and renewables.

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Climate Change – Good For Business?

Very interesting article on Sustainable Brands, “Climate Change – Good For Business” by John Friedman. Friedman cites Richard Branson on the opportunties in the environmental field: “I have described the increasing levels of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as one

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How I Started on the Green Path

Someone just asked on a LinkedIn group who inspired group members to go green. I decidced my answer is worth sharing here: For me it was a gradual process with many key moments. Here are a few: Age three, realizing

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Denmark’s Audacious Goal: 100 percent Renewable Energy by 2050

don’t break out the champagne just yet. Denmark plans to replace coal and oil with a large percentage of biofuels. While biofuels are renewable, they are not always clean. Wood-burning, in particular, can contribute massively toward pollution and carbon emissions

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