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10 Reasons to Resist Nonviolently, Chanukah, And Barbara Kingsolver’s Message

“Chanukah” means “dedication,” and celebrates the rededication of the Temple in Jerusalem after throwing out the occupiers. I am dedicating this blog post to all those who feel threatened by a president-to-be who has repeatedly spoken out in hatred

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Trump Voters: Please Speak Out to Stop the Violence

The way to prove her wrong (and I think she is) is to speak out loudly that you, as a Trump voter, will not tolerate violence and threats against racial/religious/sexual minorities and women.

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Could Nonviolence Stop Nazis?

Nonviolent peace demonstration in Britain

King of Denmark very publicly wearing the yellow star. That’s just one example of hundreds. Many of these incidents had better outcomes than a lot of gun-based responses.

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Why Marketers and Activists NEED to REPEL Some People

Seabrook did go online, so we failed in our immediate goal. BUT… the opposition of Thomson and Loeb to our movement helped make it a mass movement, just as the overreaction against civil rights and anti-Vietnam War protestors helped those movements gain strength.

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