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Fight On, Beautiful Planet!

Monsanto and ExxonMobil joining forces with environmental leaders like Patagonia, Goolge, Tesla, and Walmart…the US would benefit economically by continuing its leadership through this agreement.

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If You Kick the Press Out, It’s Not a Press Conference!

It gives the mainstream media permission to call you out for your totalitarian tendencies—or to not cover you at all. Oh, and don’t think it’s going to get in any serious reporter’s way of covering the event…New York Times article…cites a younger-and-wiser Sean Spicer last December:

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Time for a Boycott! Volkswagen’s Fraud Should Shock Even the Cynics

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles “partying like it’s 1959,” belching unmitigated particulates into the air that you and I breathe…Grounds for a widespread boycott. Being not just lied to but poisoned by a major company that pretends to care about the environment is not acceptable behavior. We as consumers need to stand up and say, ‘ENOUGH!”

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A Bicultural Look at “No Impact Man,” Part 2

With the personal history I described in Part 1, our viewing of “No Impact Man” reflects both our urban past and our rural present: two very different worlds. Although we were never hyperconsumerist like Michelle, we certainly absorbed the message of

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Frugal and Sustainable Doesn’t Mean Deprivation

a guy all by himself in the desert, living off the grid in a dwelling he pieced together out of old shipping containers.

That scares a lot of people. Heck, it scares me! But it’s important to note that John Wells, the occupant of said desert paradise, is happy. He’s got a few hundred thou in the bank and he’s there because he wants to be.

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Positive Lessons from The Solyndra Debacle

Green activists needn’t be disheartened by the failure of Solyndra. Commentators including Nobel Prize recipient Paul Krugman show how the solar economy is thriving, and even why its success caused Solyndra’s collapse.

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Krugman: Solar is Here, Fracking is Terrible

Nobel Prize winner Paul Krugman, in the NYT, on why the solar economy is really here, and why natural gas fracking is a lousy idea. (Thanks for the link, Bobby Cookie Hirtle)

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Could This Be the Internet’s Sleaziest Scumbag?

a fraud artist who takes people’s money for genuine brand names, sends counterfeits, or maybe just pockets the money, threatens his customers with bodily harm or worse when they complain—and is delighted by the complaints because they get him great positions in Google! Somehow, he manages to keep his merchant account and mostly stay out of jail.

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