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Is Your Advertising or Marketing Working AGAINST You?

I received a fund appeal from a climate-change nonprofit asking for money to put this ad on the air. I was so appalled that I sent this letter: [Subject] THIS AD WILL DO THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT WE WANT Re:

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How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?

It’s hard to even wrap my brain around the idea of spending more on marketing than on innovation, product development, manufacturing, distribution, etc., combined. Yes, of course, we’re all in business to sell something, and marketing helps us do that. But we also have to have something worth selling.

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Social Entrepreneurship MUST Be Genuine

Charitable give-backs are NOT the only model. I’m rather a fan of creating products, services, and business cultures that directly *and profitably* turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance.

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Seth Godin and “The Benefit of Confidence”

Legendary marketer Seth Godin recently wrote about offering the benefit of confidence, rather than the benefit of the doubt. He said: Someone faced with doubt rarely brings her best self to the table. Doubt undermines confidence, it casts aspersions, it

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If You Hire Stupid People, Customers Will Think You’re Stupid

The brain of a call center clerk ("Call Center Dave," by Ray Smithers)-graphic

I never went back to that dealer for anything else, ever, not even a tube of touch-up paint…And the next time I bought a new car, it wasn’t a Toyota. That mechanic threw away 20 years of brand loyalty and a lifetime customer value in the hundreds of thousands.

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Disagreeing with Seth Godin on Cars vs. Bikes

I’m a big believer in convincing by harnessing the reader/listener/viewer’s enlightened self-interest. So I’d rewrite his pro-bike list with these eight positive reasons:

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When Price Matters…And When It Doesn’t

Nobody is a prisoner of their own geography any more. I can’t compete on price with some clown on a bottom-feeding service bidding site who throws an article into a word-blender

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Finding Successful Ways to Confront Oppressive Behavior

So instead, I thought for a couple of minutes about what type of response would actually be heard and not blocked out—what could actually advance a dialog…And amazingly enough, this actually did open a door for some mild and thoughtful dialog. Not a perfect outcome but one I could feel reasonably good about. I had used the marketing principles I teach, and given the right message for the audience.

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Why I Don’t Watch TV News

World Press Review…featured reportage on the same story from 8 or 10 different papers around the world; it was like a one-stop course in media literacy and the nature of 1) matching message to audience, and 2) shaping the audience through the message. Since I made (and continue to make) my career as a marketer and a journalist, these were crucial lessons.

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And Here’s the Latest Spam Scam

If you get a note like this and wonder, where do I know this person from–you don’t. When are these jerks going to realize that the Internet is a powerful way to make an honest living and they don’t have

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