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What Role Can Nonstrategic Mass Movements Play in Social Change?

mass action makes the most sense as part of a well-thought-out and multidimensional campaign. And yet, I’m more optimistic…about the power of a one-off mass action to build momentum for change

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Yes, We Fight the Same Battle Once Again—But I Have Hope

I also avoid burnout by regularly thinking about all the areas where we HAVE made progress…I look around and I see that within the brief span of my own lifetime (I turn 58 on Wednesday), we’ve made very real change on many fronts, even if it feels like we’re running in place or even backsliding.

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9/11: Bush’s Lost Opportunity for World Peace

What was needed was a powerful, emotional speech recognizing that the old, imperialist model of conduct among nations didn’t work anymore…and seizing this terrible moment as a bridge to world peace, a chance for the world to re-invent itself as something new

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