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This is What DICTATORSHIP Looks Like

Not by coincidence, that is roughly the number by which DT lost the popular vote. At first I thought it was just the ravings of a narcissistic maniac. But yesterday, I read a provocative analysis…even Richard Nixon wasn’t able to get courts to support

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If You Hire a Blogger, Expect Him/Her to Blog!

The stated justification (I’d call it an excuse) was that Brooks used the paper’s logo and quoted his offer letter without permission. If you believe that, I’ve got a nice antique bridge to sell you across the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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The Best of Both Worlds? Integrating Mainstream Media and Blogs/Social Media (National Conference on Media Reform #ncmr11 )

In an age when radio and print journalists go into the field with cameras and post stories online before they ever see a newspaper or a radio studio, does the instant news cycle of events reported on Twitter and other social media pressure traditional journalists to cut out the analysis, sifting, and curating role they’ve often played in the past?

Is the deprofessionalization of news a good thing because it furthers the democratic impulse, or a bad thing because newsroom budgets are being slashed and if we lose professional journalism, we lose one of the most important balances against runaway government and corporate power?

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In This Fortune 500 Strategy, Social Media Reigned Supreme

Four years FedEx took over the Kinko’s copy and office services company, the Kinko brand was dropped entirely in 2008; those services are now grouped under FedEx Office. When Marketing Sherpa interviewed FedEx’s Director of Global Brand Management, Gayle Christensen,

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