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What Role Can Nonstrategic Mass Movements Play in Social Change?

mass action makes the most sense as part of a well-thought-out and multidimensional campaign. And yet, I’m more optimistic…about the power of a one-off mass action to build momentum for change

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Could Nonviolence Stop Nazis?

Nonviolent peace demonstration in Britain

King of Denmark very publicly wearing the yellow star. That’s just one example of hundreds. Many of these incidents had better outcomes than a lot of gun-based responses.

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Social Change Comes When Ordinary People do Extraordinary Things

Mugabe, a teacher and prison-educated lawyer, turned out to be a brutal thug, a dictator motivated by the desire for power and wealth.

But Mandela was clearly motivated by a desire to heal his suffering country. His actions were all about unity and reconciliation. He will be remembered as a hero to the end of time.

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