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The Secret of the Fulcrum Principle

“achieve the greatest result with the least amount of effort,” including finding others to do some of the work. Change happens as fast as possible, but as slow as necessary.Why we need both “shock troops” and “put-it-back-togethers”

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Shel’s “I HATE to Write Handwritten Thank-Yous” Networking Guide

But maybe, like me, you have terrible handwriting. And maybe you also get very bad writers cramp. So I hereby give you permission to build your network through other tools. Here are a few of the ways I do that:

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The Internet: Your Missing-Persons Tracker?

We all leave footprints all over Cyberspace. And those of us with somewhat uncommon names can connect again.

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5 Easy Tips for Social Media Success

Using these rules, I’ve grown my business more from social media (all the way back to 1995) than anything else I’ve ever done to market my writing and marketing/publishing consulting services.

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Want Me To Follow You on Twitter?: My Social Media Policy

Whether I visit your profile right away is going to depend on how many other new follows I got since I last checked. If I have 5, I’ll likely visit them all. If I have 30 or more, I’ll scan for people I know, then look for a handful with interesting screen names. If I happen to notice something in your bio about sustainability, social media, or other interests of mine, or if I see a high follower count, I’m more likely to click through.

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Facebook Behind Smears on Google’s Privacy Policy

‘m no fan of Google’s approach to privacy, and one of the reasons I still keep Eudora, my “throwback” e-mail system where the e-mail resides on my own hard drive, is that I don’t particularly want Google to have access to my outbox (I do filter some incoming mail through GMail). However, I’ve never particularly trusted Facebook on that score either. I simply stick to a policy that assumes anything I post anywhere is public knowledge,

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With Social Media, I Can Cross Time Tunnels to the Distant Past

Thirty-one years ago, the housemate with whom I’d found an apartment moved out, and I invited a poet friend of mine to take his place. We shared that apartment for several months, until he, too, moved on, and another friend

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George Kao's Social Media Secrets: Notes From the Call

Yesterday, I co-hosted a teaching call with the amazing George Kao, a social media trainer who specializes in highly productive techniques for using social media (and who is socially conscious, too. George gave me permission to share his very informative

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George Kao on Social Media, 15 Minutes/Day: Join Me Tuesday 5 pm ET/2 pm PT

I learn so much from listening to George that I not only sat in on *three* of his calls in the last two months, but also made a point of seeking him out for a dinner meeting when I was in San Francisco.

I’m absolutely thrilled to be co-hosting this call (with my friend Allison Nazarian). If you only pick one teleclass to attend in the next few months, make it this one.

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The Democratized Encyclopedia: Social Networks

When a lot of people think of crowd-sourcing–harnessing the network of common wisdom–they probably think first of Wikipedia, which is written by its users. But Wikipedia, and Wikis in general, are only the most visible piece of an amazing phenomenon

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