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Can We Get This Movie Into Every History and Social Studies Class?

a whole lot to say about ethics, families whose values conflict, and prejudice…quality of singing is amazingly high…Japanese-Americans, many of them citizens, were rounded up during the administration of FDR, a liberal Democrat

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Why I Found this Democratic US Senator’s Survey Unethical

Dear Senator Gillibrand, I have been a fan of your since you took office. However, after following your Facebook link to the Planned Parenthood funding survey, I have to say I felt tricked, deceived, and betrayed. I’ve used this blog

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Why I Read People I Disagree With

Ryan, while you and I are poles apart politically (I think Obama has sold out to the conservatives), and while I do consider myself a person of faith, I don’t happen to be a Christian, or particularly religious. But for me, those are not reasons to unsub. You always keep a civil tone, and I think core disagreements force me to rethink my positions, justify them to myself, and sometimes find them wanting and shift.

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Should Ethics Be Based in Philosophy…Or Practice?

I wanted to share my response in a LinkedIn discussion around ethics (I don’t know if that link will work if you’re not a member of the group). It started when someone asked participants to list a few ethics books

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Are Kids Really More Prone to Lie than Previously

Here’s a depressing article that says today’s teens think they have to lie and cheat their way to success. Sorry—I’m not buying it! Call me naive, but I’m the parent of both a teenage boy and a bit-past-teenaged girl. Among

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Ben Franklin: Genius and Contradictions

While visiting Minneapolis, I took in the opening day of the new Ben Franklin exhibit at the Minnesota History Center in downtown Saint Paul. I’ve long ben a Franklin fan. To me, his far-reaching curiosity, big-picture viewpoint, multiple interests, creativity,

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Corruption Roundup: Many 'Stories, One URL

Exactly how did Bernie Madoff steal his billions? Why are Halliburton’s hands so dirty? What happened with corruption cases in the rebuilding of Iraq? Following a link from EthicsWorld’s e-newsletter, I came to a single URL that has multiple stories

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Is It Right to Force Business Owners to Violate Their Beliefs?

When someone contacts me regarding my copywriting/consulting services, I send back an e-mail response that includes the following:

Please note that I reserve the right to reject a project if I feel I’m not the right person for it. This would include projects that in my opinion promote racism, homophobia, bigotry or violence–or that promote the tobacco, nuclear power, or weapons industries–or if I do not feel the product is of high enough quality that I can get enthusiastic about it.

In other words, I am putting out my values and stating clearly that I will not accept projects in conflict with my values. I have in fact occasionally turned down projects because they were promoting causes I actively disagree with.

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Is it Ethical to Pay for Referrals?

Very interesting discussion at LinkedIn on when it is or isn’t OK to pay referral fees. I don’t believe you have to be a member to see the discussion though you do if you want to make a comment (might

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What Is It About Politicians and Corruption?

From liberal Democrat State Senator Dianne Wilkerson of Massachusetts to Chen Shui-bian, the former President of Taiwan, there’s been another spate of politicians caught with their hands in the cookie jar. Some of these people, like Alaska Senator Ted Stevens,

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