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How Thailand Looks at Environmental Issues

By Shel Horowitz During a trip to Thailand, I kept my radar up to see how this small but sophisticated country deals with a number of environmental issues. Disclaimer: This is not intended to be an in-depth look. It’s based

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Make Workers More Comfy, and Save a Bundle on Energy

Offices: too hot, too cold, and no Goldilocks to find the happy middle ground of “this one is just right.” How can you find that happy medium that accommodates the woman in a sleeveless sundress ?and? the man in the

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How the Election Looks, Five Months Out

It is painfully obvious that Washington’s political gridlock is the Republican Party’s doing. They’ve been dubbed “the party of no” for good reason. People are sick and tired of the constant obstructionism and of the specifically stated goal of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell: “Our top political priority is to deny President Obama a second term.” Not exactly an appropriate priority for a country still struggling with a deep recession, two major and several minor wars, crises in healthcare and education, and all the rest.

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Another Promising-Sounding Energy Technology

I know nothing about this, but I just came across a link to a patented technology that claims to nonpollutingly harness the massive energy from extremely high-pressure, high-temperature undersea volcanoes. they claim any single installation captures several times  as much

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Where is the LEFT Challenge to Obama?

While the GOP lines up to see who can be more crazy and out-of-touch and unintelligent than their competitors, the Left is strangely quiet. Haven’t even heard rumblings of candidacy from Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who has set the bar for

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Urban vs. Rural Sustainability Perspectives

I have lived in a housing project of 55,000 people in New York City—so insignificant in the city’s eyes that we didn’t even have a subway stop; we had to bus or walk a mile to one of two different

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Finally: A President Who "Gets It" on Sustainability

President Barack Obama’s inaugural address was deeply moving to me on many levels. And one of the most promising was his statements on energy. First, he recognized both the environmental and national security disaster of our present policy: Each day

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