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Why the Climate Justice Movement Needs Diversity

As a child growing up in NYC, I never thought about community food self-sufficiency until my teens. People who grew up in the farm community where I live now have been living and breathing it their whole lives. But I knew a lot about mass transit, housing density, and…

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Why Did Pepsi Get Attacked As “Tone-Deaf” On This Ad?

demonizes the Other without even listening, even when the Other is mere steps away on the political spectrum, dividing rather than uniting and leaving us all at risk when the real forces of repression sweep in

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Getting Along with your Opponents

Yes, like every other country, the US has its share of boorish, know-nothing, blinders-on bigots…However, the US also has millions of people who care deeply about the world, actively work to learn more about it, and engage in citizenship in a deep and true way (as do most other countries).

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A Marketer Analyzes Michelle Obama’s Convention Speech

Michelle Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention [link to a transcript] gets an almost perfect 9.9 from me. I think when people remember the great speeches of the 21st century, this one has a good chance of making the list.

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Writing For Young Children About Complex Social Issues: A Diversity Author Shares Her Perspective

Guest post by By Melissa M Williams, Author of Iggy the Iguana Have you ever been afraid to start something new because you didn’t know what to expect? Maybe everyone will be different than you? Doing something new and out

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