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The Most Important Question to Create Eco-Friendly Technological Leaps

Green entrepreneurs (or frugal ones) refine that question. It morphs into “How can I accomplish this with the fewest resources?”…back in 1983, he built a near-net-zero-energy luxury home that didn’t need a furnace or an air conditioner

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Supernuclear Japan Doing Fine Without Nukes

Now, Japan’s utilities are predicting a surplus of electricity even during the summer crunch. Yippee!
And this means the whole world really can learn to live more lightly with the same standard of living, replacing environmentally disastrous coal and fossil-fuel plants with conservation and renewables.

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Conservation Saves 254 Megawatts this Year in the Pacific Northwest

Conservation measures in the northwest, with a three-year overall payback, saved enough energy to power 153,900 homes: 254 megawatts. And in the last 33 years, that region has saved enough energy to meet Seattle’s energy needs four times over. That

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Renewable Isn't Always Sustainable

Remember that old bumper sticker, “Trees are America’s Renewable Resource”? It’s true. You can regenerate a harvestable forest in 20 years or so: a nanosecond compared to the millions of years necessary to create fossil fuels. However, and it’s a

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