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With an Abundance Mentality, We Can Solve Hunger, Poverty, War & Climate Change

how green lighting options such as solar-powered LEDs that replace toxic and flammable kerosene can better the environment, health, safety, and the local economy all at once…how studying nature’s amazing engineering can create new products like adhesives modeled after gecko feet or a fuel-sipping plane designed to mimic the most aerodynamic birds.

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Cautiously Optimistic about #COP21

6 reasons why the big Paris climate change conference known as #COP21 may actually accomplish some real change.

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Dear Climate Change Deniers: How Does YOUR Garden Grow?

Maybe my family’s organic garden (and my neighborhood) is a microcosm of the changes in the world ;-). We normally stop getting zucchini by the end of July. Last year, it went halfway through August. And this year, the one

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Climate Change is More than an Environmental Issue

We can gain converts to the clause of reversing catastrophic climate change on several grounds:

Environmental preservation
And probably others. In all of it, we need to focus on the direct benefits to the people we’re talking about, who may not be committed greens.

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I’m Opposed to Catastrophic Climate Change…But I Love Having an Early Garden

While I see catastrophic climate change as a deep and real danger, I do find some comfort in the short term.

It was great that I barely had to pick up the snow shovel last winter. And it’s great that we’re already gathering blueberries off our bush, about three weeks early. The irises were in almost a month early, bringing welcome color to our yard.

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CO2 Emissions Up 6% in 2010—Dismal!

According to the Associated Press, there was a huge jump in carbon emissions, worldwide. The new figures for 2010 mean that levels of greenhouse gases are higher than the worst case scenario outlined by climate experts just four years ago…

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The Climate Crisis: Why Global Warming Matters

The world has got to get off coal and oil and gas and biofuels and nuclear, and onto forms of energy that are truly sustainable: they renew themselves, they don’t pollute, they don’t emit greenhouse gases, and they certainly don’t

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Global WHATing?

Sure has been one cold and snowy winter here in Massachusetts. One morning last week was minus 19 F, and that is the coldest day I can remember experiencing, ever. And January set snow records all over the place. The

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Veterans: Unlikely But Effective Climate Educators

Veterans know you can’t wait for 100 percent certainty. If you wait until everything is clear and laid out, you’re probably no longer alive

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World Wildlife Fund Teleseminar on Climate Change/Corporate Partnerships

I received the following letter to the editor about the good work 22 corporations are doing, partnering with WWF on climate change and offering a teleseminar November 18. I haven’t checked into it other than to visit the link. Not

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