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Celebrate the Victories—and “Inject Backbone 3x a Day”!

Liberals brought us the 8-hour day… Liberals protect the rights of people of all colors and gender identities. Liberals fight for the planet so we can all live healthy lives. Why aren’t YOU a liberal, George?”

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13 Ways Democrats Could Have Won in November

Six (almost seven) months after the election, and 200 days into the disaster of Trumpian government, Democrats still want to blame it all on the Russians, or on their new hero and recent villain James Comey. Those are real factors. But

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Did Obama Create Trump?

Trump’s thinking is a logical extension of his party’s reach for the bottom of the bottom of the bottom of the barrel…that began in the GOP nearly 50 years ago. He is merely the next step the Republican Party has aimed toward for decades.

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What the 2016 Democratic and Republican Parties Stand For: A Post-Convention Look

This year’s Republican candidate openly embraces hostility to inclusion… So it’s a good move for Hillary Clinton to reclaim the emotional territory she gave up to both Sanders and Trump

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We Cannot Afford “Indifference” to Trump

A friend of mine, a very successful author and marketer, a deep student of the human psyche, asked on Facebook, “Why do you love/hate Trump? (Disclaimer: I’m indifferent.)” It was the disclaimer that got me worried. This is part of

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When the Right Thing ISN’T the Right Thing—And How to Do it Better

As we enter into the 2016 campaign, the mantra would be “you can’t trust the Democrats; they betrayed us and they will betray us again.” And this time, they’d be correct…The consequences would include 12 to 20 years of Republican presidents with veto-proof Congressional majorities.

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Why the TPP is Worse Than Mystery Meat

We don’t know the precise reach of the agreement because ordinary citizens haven’t seen it. Even Congressional opponents were prohibited from taking notes when they looked at it, and “cleared advisors” who’ve seen it have been legally prohibited from talking specifics.

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Dear Barack, Now Let’s Get It Done!

Of course, some of why I agreed with such a large percentage was because of what he chose to omit: government spying, drone attacking civilians, support for highly dubious massive energy projects, and other things that I find strongly objectionable…

And…I’m still waiting for him to call for a Marshall Plan-style conversion to clean, renewable energy.

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Chemical Weapons and Propaganda: AP Reporter is Misguided Cheerleader for War Against Syria

Perhaps channelling the discredited Judith Miller of the New York Times, who helped drum up domestic support for the ill-advised, illegal, and tragic war in Iraq during the George W. Bush presidency, Pace writes, among other zingers…

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My Message from the 1960s

Back when I was a teenager protesting the Vietnam War, we had a president named Richard Nixon. We thought he was pretty conservative—but his record is to the left of Barack Obama.

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