Radioactive Tritium from VT Yankee Polluting the Connecticut River

The latest in a long series of “incidents” at the long-troubled Vermont Yankee nuclear plant, just up the river from me in Vernon, Vermont: the tritium leaking for several months at Vermont Yankee has definitively reached the Connecticut River.

The Connecticut River runs along the Vermont-New Hampshire Border and through Massachusetts (including our Pioneer Valley region) and Connecticut before emptying into Long Island Sound (bordering New York State), and eventually the Atlantic Ocean. It is widely used for boating, fishing, and swimming.

If you are in that area, I would suggest not eating fish from or swimming in the Connecticut River right now. I would instead suggest lobbying your US Representatives and Senators to block the Nuclear Regulatory Commission—that word, “regulatory” should really be in quotes, as they don’t do much regulating and have never failed to renew a power plant license—decision to relicense this failing plant for another 20 years.

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