Personal Experience with Cell Memory—Fascinating!

The concept of cellular memory was made very real and personal to me today, in the woods.

Yesterday, it happened that I chose a very icy location for my daily hike, slipped several times, fell twice, and banged myself in a few places. I even iced one of the spots when I got home. Those areas were still a bit sore for a couple of hours but were OK by the evening.

Today, I went to different nearby woods, free of ice, just a thin and not-very-slippery coating of snow. And as soon as I got out of the car, two of the spots I banged yesterday—below my left knee and above my right wrist—started to hurt! They’d felt fine all day.

I am convinced they “remembered” that the snowy woods had caused pain the day before.

Even more remarkable: once they “realized” that the conditions were, in fact, different, the pain subsided quickly. Within about three minutes, my leg was no longer hurting. Another couple of minutes and my arm felt fine too.

If I’m reading the signals correctly, the implications are that any body part not only has a memory, but has emotions and even thought.

Since the mid-1970s, I’ve paid at least some attention to the way bodies react to stress. I’ve explored a number of modalities, from Re-evaluation Counseling (all about releasing rapped emotions that often manifest as tension) to rolfing to yoga to Network Chiropractic to Alexander Technique (and several others). And I’ve explored uncountable numbers of audios, books, and articles about our ability co influence our own fate and to manifest what we desire–often called the Law of Attraction (LoA). Many of these work on releasing stored tension in the body that stems at least in part from emotional distress.  Thus, my discovery today actually makes a good deal of sense to me. (And by the way, I have been enormously helped by the Alexander work, which I’ve done steadily since around 2005,  with a very skilled practitioner, Ruth Rootberg of Amherst, MA. Any Western Massachusetts people reading this might want to try her out.)

While I recognize that this may seem off-topic or too “woo-woo” for this blog, I’ll put out the idea that it’s actually very, very relevant. Changing oneself is key to changing the world. Understanding how much power we have to shape our own destiny helps us create the planet we’d like to live on—and looking at cellular memory might be a part of that. If we can have Prosperity Consciousness or an abundance mindset, can’t we also teach our bodies to de-stress?

Have you had any experience with this sort of cellular memory? Please share by posting a comment.



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3 Responses to “Personal Experience with Cell Memory—Fascinating!”

  1. I do not have a website of my own – what I can say is that I’ve been aware of healing via cellular memories energetically with Reiki type methods – but a few months ago was introduced to “The Healing Code” which uses a hybrid form of energetic healing, visualization and prayer to heal unhealthy cellular memories from the entire lifetime. The book by that name talks about how these cellular memories get set up in our preverbal childhood, family, church and school, and how the cellular memories can even contradict one another, which creates an even greater need for healing. Anyway, the author there offers a fairly simple way to accomplish these healings – and even though he makes some rather large claims, the practice itself does have an observable effect. As for cellular memories, he provides some of the best discussion of this I’ve ever encountered…

  2. Shell, I really enjoyed thinking about the possibilities you raised talking about your body parts remembering the hurting of yesterday and I envy you for the many related techniques you you’ve explored!
    I compared that to the way our body continues to remind us of enjoyable sensual experiences … mmm

    Fran Civile recently posted… I Can Read Your MindMy Profile