Gung-Ho on Green

You’re already living and breathing green.

And maybe you’re stressing a bit under pressure. Other people in the company think the investment you’re making isn’t justified, and they want to roll back your initiatives—or they’re resisting all your suggestions to begin with. You need to make the case that going green actually helps the bottom line.

As a green business profitability expert, best-selling/award-winning author of Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green and seven other books (plus hundreds of articles related to green business), international speaker/trainer, and skilled copywriter/consultant with more than 30 years experience, Shel is uniquely qualified to help you. He can offer as much or as little assistance as you need, and also can connect you with people in his network of other consultants with deep expertise in specific areas.

If you qualify, Shel can provide individual strategic marketing and green profitability consulting…presentation to your group…training for your employees…marketing materials development—or any combination. You can purchase as little as a single hour of his time or have him work on a single document—on up to high-level ongoing strategic consulting. His rates are affordable, and you get significant discounts for quantity. And for starters, he’ll give you 30 minutes of his time, at no charge , if your answers demonstrate that you’ll benefit from his services. Just fill out the questionnaire—so Shel can provide maximum help in that half-hour, and then you can schedule your no-cost consultation:  

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