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Shel is an expert on practical green solutions for business and in the home, and an experienced content creator who has been writing about the environment since the 1970s. Six of his books have won at least one award and/or been republished in other countries. He has published 1000+ articles in media ranging from the Boston Globe and Washington Post to and He’s been blogging regularly since 2004, both on his own sites and for such prestigious publications as and—and growing his and his clients’ businesses through online social media all the way back to 1995. He’s a true thought-leader, who has seen several of his ideas go mainstream long after he began writing and speaking about them.

“Shel Horowitz has always been known for his nothing held back, non traditional, straight-shooting, and creative solutions to some of the most perplexing problems that plague entrepreneurs today.”

Azriela Jaffe, syndicated business columnist

and author of thirteen books

Every month, Shel will supply you with a new article that you can send out to your e-mail lists, post on your websites and social media pages, reprint in your print publications, and just about anything else you can come up with. With the Gold joint-byline or Platinum options, you can even distribute the article as a press release in your company or organization’s name—on your letterhead and with your logo, if you like.


The Platinum Option: Custom Content (only 5 slots available)

Just 5 businesses (and no more than one per industry niche) will be able to hire Shel to write an original proprietary article each month, just for your company, to use in perpetuity—at far less than the cost of hiring a full-time writer. These could include…

  • Original articles on any aspect of green marketing, green business, or green living
  • General business articles
  • Profiles of the CEO or other top executives—or of line employees, managers, vendors…it’s up to you
  • Spotlights of your best, most creative, or most interesting customers (a terrific way to create long-term fans)
  • Articles highlighting any of your products, services, facilities, etc.
  • Backgrounders, web copy, etc.
  • Even a speech for one of your executives to deliver


The Gold Option: Customized Lead Including Your Name on the Regular Column:

The byline, headline and/or the first paragraph will be specifically tailored to your audience, and include mention of your product or company.

You may sign up to receive and redistribute either the consumer column, the business column, or both. Every place you put it, you build your reputation as the helpful, caring expert who wants to help your customers, your prospects, and the world. Limited to 100 businesses.

“At last, bold, usable approaches that fly in the face of traditional and sometimes unethical business wisdom. Chock-full of creative yet shrewd ideas for marketing successfully in the new millennium.”

—Brian Jud, author, speaker, marketing strategist


The Silver Option: Affordable Content with Full Private Label Rights

At the lowest cost of all these options, you get either Shel’s business or consumer column every month, and can reprint it with Shel’s byline or redistribute it as you see fit, in any form except a press release.


Pricing—Amazingly Affordable

Because the Gold and Silver content is non-exclusive, it’s extremely affordable. For the first 100 businesses or organizations to sign up, the pricing (guaranteed for two full years from the date you sign up) will be very inexpensive—and even the Platinum option is far cheaper than hiring a staff writer:

Platinum Option

  • Original articles written just for you, available to you exclusively, and limited to just five companies (no direct competitors): $995 per article if you commit to 12 months at a time, or $895 per article for a two-year commitment (monthly payment plan at no extra charge, for either the one- or two-year term)—either assigned by you or developed by Shel
  • $50 extra per insertion for byline (author credit) of your choice—this could vastly increase visibility and credibility for your CEO, for example

Gold Option

  • Regular column with custom lead mentioning your company or product name, $350 per insertion, prepaid for one year, or $300 a month, prepaid for two years
  • $25 extra per insertion for shared byline (author credit) of your choice; article will read “by Firstname Lastname and Shel Horowitz” (in this situation, the shared byline is necessary to avoid accusations of plagiarism)

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