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Net Neutrality: Read FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s Dissent

I hold in my hand letters that plead with the FCC to keep our net neutrality rules in place but what is striking and in keeping with the new norm, despite the millions of comments, letters, and calls received, this Order cites, not even one.

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Dear Time Magazine, Your Interface is Horrible

if I got to make the rules…no product is released to the market until its designers had lived with it for 6 to 12 months and tested it thoroughly…this poll is a perfect example of why we need a rule like that.

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Worst. Contact Page. Ever: Hyperion Books

Dear Hyperion Books: All I wanted to do was to send you a review copy request so I could review “Stirring It Up” by Stonyfield Farm founder Gary Hirshberg. I review books on socially and environmentally conscious business. I went

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Author House and XLibris Meet Kickstarter and IndyGoGo

This year, at Book Expo America, I interviewed Enrique Parrilla, co-founder of, with offices in Sevilla (Seville), Madrid, and Los Angeles. Pentian marries publishing services with crowdfunding—something I don’t think the publishing world has seen before, and something that

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Twitter’s “Protect Tweets” Offer is Just Plain Dumb

After almost five years on Twitter, I still don’t understand why people would want to do this, and why Twitter actively encourages new users to protect their Tweets. It’s not any kind of security feature. All it does is make your tweets invisible unless someone’s following you. And why would anyone follow you if they can’t see what you’re posting and decide if you’re worth their time?

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Notes from Podcamp Western Massachusetts 5

According to organizer Morriss Partee, @mmpartee, since the Boston folks did a big regional thing several hundred miles south, this is now the longest continuously running Podcamp in New England.

I took notes on every session I attended except my own session

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What Boundaries Do You Set on Social Media?

I posted the following on a LinkedIn discussion list called “Step Into the Spotlight, ” regarding the appropriateness of the new LinkedIn endorsement tool, and whether to endorse back. The consensus, which I agree with, is not to endorse people

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Superbowl Power Blackout: How Brands Seized the Opportunity

Several big, big brands were able to think and act like nimble small businesses and seize the moment when the Superbowl went dark yesterday:

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Carrotmob: Support Fair-Trade Coffee, Transported by Wind

So the real challenge is not to prove that they can use wind-powered ships, but that they can compete effectively using a modern wind-powered shipping fleet.

This of course could have a huge impact on the entire cargo shipping industry, if it can be done effectively and inexpensively enough to transport many different types of items.

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Getting Past the Censors: A Chinese Writer’s Clever Trick

A Chinese writer posted a withering attack on Chinese corruption and environmental destruction, but disguised it as an attack on the US.
The ploy worked. Not only did it get past the censors, but it’s gone viral in China, gaining 44,000 retweets and 5400 comments.

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