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How Thailand Looks at Environmental Issues

By Shel Horowitz During a trip to Thailand, I kept my radar up to see how this small but sophisticated country deals with a number of environmental issues. Disclaimer: This is not intended to be an in-depth look. It’s based

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Finding Magic in Strange Places

A Quaker meeting in the [nuclear plant] parking lot…almost 40 years later, still the most powerful spiritual moment in my memory.

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China and Dissent

All my life, I’ve heard about the authoritarian Chinese government micromanaging every aspect of everyone’s lives, the government’s total control over career options, and of course, the “reeducation” of intellectuals and destruction of cultural resources during the Cultural Revolution.  Getting

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China and Westernization/Modernization

One of the West’s more obvious exports to China is status consciousness…In Shanghai, I saw a Ferrari, three Porsches, numerous Audis and Mercedes, a few Range Rovers, and several other luxury/sports cars I couldn’t identify.

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Forget the Disney Reality Show–Give Me Reality!

The whole experience made me very grateful that neither of my kids ever showed any interest in going to Disney. They’d much rather come with us to places like Denmark, Italy, and California (we live in Massachusetts).

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I’ve Never Seen This in a Hotel Before

Most importantly, being greeted by this message sets a tone for all my interactions with the hotel. I’m going in to any conversation with the attitude that they care about me. This perception is reinforced by the very helpful nature of every staffer I’ve dealt with so far (even before I opened the services notebook and saw the memo)—and would, of course, be destroyed if their personnel were rude, etc. But it certainly creates a good flow of positive energy.

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Gift Economies: Reciprocal? Or Circular?

This is not just about saving money, though that’s certainly a factor. It’s about having a visit in a place where you didn’t know anybody. Having a human connection in a private home, instead of an impersonal hotel room interchangeable with others all over the world. It’s about going someplace as a traveler and a visitor, not as a tourist—experiencing a place, if just for a couple of days, through the eyes of people who live there. Eating their food staying in their neighborhood, playing with their kids or pets, listening to their music.

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10 Marketing Observations in Turkey

A surprising number of Turkish TV commercials remind me very much of US commercials from the 1960s and 1970s: housewives demonstrating the superiority of some cleaning product, dancing chocolate bars, and so on. At the same time, some are totally state-of-the-art, with special effects and much more modern concepts about marketing. But as in America, often these forget to actually sell the product.

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Most Ethical Business Owner I Know Wins the Alternative Nobel

Dean Cycon is the most ethical business owner I know… Dean has done 100% organic and fair trade coffee and cocoa since the day he opened his company, which he located in a depressed area where jobs are scarce. Dean not just funds but also actively partners with people in the villages that supply his coffee to do “people-centered development” projects, led by the folks who live and work in those villages.

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Postcard from San Francisco: Mission Murals

By Shel Horowitz, Editor, Global Travel Review In my many trips to San Francisco and the Bay area, I’ve tended not to go to the Mission District. I’d walked through it on my first trip to the city, way back

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