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“The Post”—Super-Relevant Reminder from 1971

“The Post” lives up to the hype. It takes a very cerebral story and builds it into high drama, spurred by strong performances from Meryl Streep as publisher Katharine Graham) and Tom Hanks (editor Ben Bradlee). The overall message, about

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The Good Side of “This Call May Be Monitored…”

Lesson for the future: any time I am in a customer service dispute involving an oral promise, I need to remember that *I* can ask them to go back and listen to the original call. The worst they can say is no.

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Why I Found this Democratic US Senator’s Survey Unethical

Dear Senator Gillibrand, I have been a fan of your since you took office. However, after following your Facebook link to the Planned Parenthood funding survey, I have to say I felt tricked, deceived, and betrayed. I’ve used this blog

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Social Entrepreneurship MUST Be Genuine

Charitable give-backs are NOT the only model. I’m rather a fan of creating products, services, and business cultures that directly *and profitably* turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance.

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Voting for the Lesser of Evils Three Times—THIS Time

Here in Massachusetts, we get to vote on some interesting referenda. Lifting the Charter School Cap UPDATE, OCTOBER 6, 2016: I’ve been convinced in the intervening weeks that this particular charter school vote is not one I can support. I

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Don’t Bait-And-Switch–Intentionally or Not

I had just signed a petition he originated on gun control, and wanted to share it. I didn’t check how it posted on FB. I felt tricked and betrayed enough to take the entire post down. Let him get signatures some other way.

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We Deserve Great Candidates: Five Reforms to Get Them

a perfect case study of why we need ranked voting (a/k/a Instant Runoff voting). You name your first choice, and if your candidate is eliminated, your vote goes to your second choice. If that candidate is eliminated, the vote goes to your third choice, and so on down the line until there’s a clear victor.

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When Donald Trump Loses, It WON’T be Because the Election was Rigged

But you will lose because you underestimate the decency of the American people. Your views AND your tactics are so repugnant that you even got ME to vote for Hillary Clinton…because I want your margin of defeat to be so “yuge”

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Why I’m Not Joining Bernie’s New Org

Here, I don’t even see a pretense. I see nothing about what this organization will stand for, what tactics it will use, etc. Even for Sanders, I don’t write a blank check. Not financially, and not in my commitment to an organization whose tenets I can’t describe. Even for Bernie, I won’t sign blind.

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China and Dissent

All my life, I’ve heard about the authoritarian Chinese government micromanaging every aspect of everyone’s lives, the government’s total control over career options, and of course, the “reeducation” of intellectuals and destruction of cultural resources during the Cultural Revolution.  Getting

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