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Learning, Breathing, and the End of the World: TEDX Springfield

Summary board prepared in real-time at Leslie Hinkson's talk on desegregation, TEDx Springfield

What’s possible and impossible in the world is largely a social construct. It’s up to us to redefine what is possible…and make it happen.

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Climate Change is Our Opportunity to Remake Society, Says Naomi Klein

Photo of debris after Hurricane Katrina

Naomi Klein: Hurricane Katrina…had been downgraded from a Category 5 hurricane to a mere tropical storm. The levees should have withstood the onslaught, if they hadn’t been allowed to fall into disrepair.

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Time for a Boycott! Volkswagen’s Fraud Should Shock Even the Cynics

Hundreds of thousands of vehicles “partying like it’s 1959,” belching unmitigated particulates into the air that you and I breathe…Grounds for a widespread boycott. Being not just lied to but poisoned by a major company that pretends to care about the environment is not acceptable behavior. We as consumers need to stand up and say, ‘ENOUGH!”

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Klein’s “Blockadia” Turns Out to be About Protecting our Water

We knew all the way back in 1983-84 how to build a beautiful, modern, net-zero-energy home…our failure to make this the norm is inexcusable…Technology doesn’t have to be about extreme extraction…Science and engineering can actually be the climate movement’s friends.

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When SHOULD You Use Robocalls?

But that doesn’t mean the technology should be tossed out. There are times I actually welcome a robocall, and other times when I tolerate them:

These robocalls are welcome:

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A Solar Microgrid Grows in Brooklyn

gotten state support to pilot a microgrid program that would allow Brooklyn’s solar systems to keep powering houses and workplaces if the grid goes down

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2000 Oil Production Accidents and Leaks Since 1995—Yikes!

These accidents leak toxics, cause a risk of severe fires, and of course, drive up the price of energy.

Isn’t it time we stopped relying on fossil and nuclear for our energy needs? We already have the technology

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Environmental and Social Change Business Bill of Rights—Your Feedback, Please

We, the people of Planet Earth, hereby declare that every nation and the planet as a whole have certain inalienable rights, including Life, Sufficiency, Peace, and Planetary Balance. To these ends, we call upon the governments of the world, at all levels, to establish these rights through mandating the following policies

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How to Get Off Fossil Fuels: Amory Lovins

In Aspen, Colorado, this house has neither a furnace nor an air conditioner, and it’s warm enough inside to grow bananas. The extra cost of the energy improvements was essentially paid for by the capital savings of not needing those big clunky systems.

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Making Bikes as Useful as Cars

A lot of the comments are angry that this will disrupt their exercise. I think they’re not thinking about it the right way. Instead of blaming a machine for interfering with their workout, think about the ability to bike instead of drive to good riding places some distance away, or to bike much farther distances to explore an area farther out.

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