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If You Kick the Press Out, It’s Not a Press Conference!

It gives the mainstream media permission to call you out for your totalitarian tendencies—or to not cover you at all. Oh, and don’t think it’s going to get in any serious reporter’s way of covering the event…New York Times article…cites a younger-and-wiser Sean Spicer last December:

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A committed author is always looking for book promotion opportunities

I will keep promoting it for a long time, but right now as its life as a “new” book (current-year copyright) is ending, I’ve been pushing especially hard. This is some of what I’ve been up to:

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Worst. Contact Page. Ever: Hyperion Books

Dear Hyperion Books: All I wanted to do was to send you a review copy request so I could review “Stirring It Up” by Stonyfield Farm founder Gary Hirshberg. I review books on socially and environmentally conscious business. I went

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Author House and XLibris Meet Kickstarter and IndyGoGo

This year, at Book Expo America, I interviewed Enrique Parrilla, co-founder of, with offices in Sevilla (Seville), Madrid, and Los Angeles. Pentian marries publishing services with crowdfunding—something I don’t think the publishing world has seen before, and something that

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Amazon Raising Prices (NY Times)

Now that Amazon has kicked so many competitors to the ground through ruthless discounting, the laws of the market decree rising prices. This is what happens when a company gains a market share bordering on monopoly—while establishing a tech and logistics infrastructure that would be very difficult for a new competitor to match, so the likelihood of being undercut on a mass scale as they did to others is slim.

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Think Newspapers are Dying? Warren Buffett Disagrees

Warren Buffett just bought 63 newspapers, including 25 daily papers. In his letter to the publishers and editors of his new properties, he lays out a rosy future for papers that focus on local news, and notes his lifelong love of newspapering, which runs in his family. He even delivered papers in Washington, DC for four years.

Like me, he sees a free press as an essential cornerstone of democracy, and he promises editiorial independence from the bean-counters.

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How to Write and Promote Your Book One Post at a Time

If you want to create an author’s platform, a fan base, a tribe, a community, even a movement around your book, or around the idea upon which your book is based, the most effective or inexpensive tool you can use to achieve this goal is a blog. And if you want promote that book or idea from the moment you write the first word of your manuscript, you can do this quickly and efficiently by blogging your book.

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I’m Ready for Book Expo—Are You?

Tomorrow through Thursday, for the 16th time, I’ll be attending (and for the 15th time, writing about) Book Expo America, the largest book-industry trade show in the US. This year might be the first time I’m not attending a pre-event

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If You Hire a Blogger, Expect Him/Her to Blog!

The stated justification (I’d call it an excuse) was that Brooks used the paper’s logo and quoted his offer letter without permission. If you believe that, I’ve got a nice antique bridge to sell you across the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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One Author Fights Back Against Amazon’s Latest Stab IN The Back

This is a guest post by Edward Hasbrouck, author of The Practical Nomad, in a rebuttal to Amazon’s latest blow against independent bookstores: getting its customers to spy on them for price checks and then buy online. Remember: when big

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