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If You Kick the Press Out, It’s Not a Press Conference!

It gives the mainstream media permission to call you out for your totalitarian tendencies—or to not cover you at all. Oh, and don’t think it’s going to get in any serious reporter’s way of covering the event…New York Times article…cites a younger-and-wiser Sean Spicer last December:

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Election Violence from Both Sides has to STOP NOW!

And just as I condemn the wide-ranging violence (hundreds of reported incidents) BY Trump supporters, I also condemn the acts of physical and psychological violence AGAINST them.

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My Biggest Takeway So Far in the 2016 US Presidential Race

The US presidential race is full of outsiders this year. Trump gets lots of attention in the media–but Sanders seems to be having more of an impact on policy questions, and on bringing disenfranchised-feeling voters in from outside the electoral

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We Cannot Afford “Indifference” to Trump

A friend of mine, a very successful author and marketer, a deep student of the human psyche, asked on Facebook, “Why do you love/hate Trump? (Disclaimer: I’m indifferent.)” It was the disclaimer that got me worried. This is part of

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Klein’s “Blockadia” Turns Out to be About Protecting our Water

We knew all the way back in 1983-84 how to build a beautiful, modern, net-zero-energy home…our failure to make this the norm is inexcusable…Technology doesn’t have to be about extreme extraction…Science and engineering can actually be the climate movement’s friends.

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Why I Don’t Watch TV News

World Press Review…featured reportage on the same story from 8 or 10 different papers around the world; it was like a one-stop course in media literacy and the nature of 1) matching message to audience, and 2) shaping the audience through the message. Since I made (and continue to make) my career as a marketer and a journalist, these were crucial lessons.

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Milton Friedman was Quoted Out of Context: My Argument with Libertarians

In this essay, Friedman was totally willing to concede that self-rule doesn’t always work in the business world. Government is needed to keep business from exercising its self-interest at the expense of others’ self-interest and the wide society’s interest.

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Government Shutdown: The GOP’s Ship of Fools

House Majority Leader Eric Cantor led reporters into a room Monday and showed them an empty table, suggesting that if only Democrats and the president were willing to talk, the government would not have been hours from a new fiscal year without a budget. Do not be fooled. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Democrats were about to get what they wanted — a government shutdown. Do not be fooled. Senate Leader Harry Reid observed that McConnell (R-Absurdistan) was channeling “1984” author George Orwell as his speechwriter, so upside down was his logic.

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Peace Makes GREAT Front-Page News

Last Wednesday, my local paper’s lead story was a profile of two long-time peace activists: Frances Crowe, age 94, and Arky Markham, 98. I’ve known them both for decades; you can’t be involved in peace and social justice issues in

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A Bicultural Look at “No Impact Man,” Part 2

With the personal history I described in Part 1, our viewing of “No Impact Man” reflects both our urban past and our rural present: two very different worlds. Although we were never hyperconsumerist like Michelle, we certainly absorbed the message of

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