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Why Did Pepsi Get Attacked As “Tone-Deaf” On This Ad?

demonizes the Other without even listening, even when the Other is mere steps away on the political spectrum, dividing rather than uniting and leaving us all at risk when the real forces of repression sweep in

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Are they Coming After Artisan Soapmakers? Or Protecting Us From Corporate Greed?

If we dig deep enough, would we find big chemical-based personal care products companies—or perhaps an opponent of Senator Feinstein—have a hand in this disinformation campaign?

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HarperCollins Atlas Omits Israel—So Idiotic, I Thought It Was a Joke

If any governments insisted on refusing entry to accurate atlases, the company could have had a skilled social media manager explain why HC would no longer sell atlases into these countries, and create a pressure movement both from outside the country and from those inside who recognize that not knowing geography is a handicap in the global economic arena

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Chemical Weapons and Propaganda: AP Reporter is Misguided Cheerleader for War Against Syria

Perhaps channelling the discredited Judith Miller of the New York Times, who helped drum up domestic support for the ill-advised, illegal, and tragic war in Iraq during the George W. Bush presidency, Pace writes, among other zingers…

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GW Bush Had 13 Benghazis—Where Were the Critics?

Yet somehow, those who have been vilifying Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and Susan Rice over this were strangely silent. No outrage from the likes of Lindsay Graham and John McCain when a Republican, even an unelected one, was at the reins.

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If You Hire a Blogger, Expect Him/Her to Blog!

The stated justification (I’d call it an excuse) was that Brooks used the paper’s logo and quoted his offer letter without permission. If you believe that, I’ve got a nice antique bridge to sell you across the East River between Brooklyn and Manhattan.

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Did This Judge Even READ the Law? Blogger Faces $2.5 MM Penalty

Meanwhile, investigative blogger Crystal Cox is facing a $2.5 million judgment because she would not disclose her sources. Out-bloody-rageous!

Shame on you, Judge Hernandez!

Abraham Lincoln said, “It is a sin to be silent when it is your duty to protest.” I am protesting.

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One Small Victory Against Ulgtraright Hatemongering

Right-wing bloviators spewing bile and calling it “news” have been a fixture on the political scene for quite a few years now. And they’ve had influence far beyond the numbers of “true believers.” While it’s hard to understand why anyone

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Limbaugh's Lies on Environment and Safety

It’s really hard to imagine that anyone could take seriously the nonsense—make that the total falsehoods—spewed by the likes of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck. It would make for good humor, except that people believe these shameless harlots who have

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Media is Complicit in Accepting Tiger Woods' Scripted, Unquestioned Apology

My friend Peter Shankman solicited comments from PR practitioners about Tiger Woods’ apology scheduled for later today, and the fact that reporters will not have access to him during the event; they’ll actually be in another building. This drew lots

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