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The Wrong Personalization Assumptions Can Sabotage a Sale

The video assumes that:
Everyone wants a big house in the suburbs, with a big yard and a big garage
Everyone is white and Christian and heterosexual
Anyone would call a Portland, Oregon phone number to buy a house in Massachusetts

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40 Years Ago Today, We Changed the World (part 3—Inside the Armories)

You could call it “University Within Walls.” Detainees offered a myriad of workshops around energy issues, green living/self-sufficiency, creating inclusive and active communities, environmental justice, and social change.

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The Most Important Question to Create Eco-Friendly Technological Leaps

Green entrepreneurs (or frugal ones) refine that question. It morphs into “How can I accomplish this with the fewest resources?”…back in 1983, he built a near-net-zero-energy luxury home that didn’t need a furnace or an air conditioner

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Koch and EDF on the same side? Fishery “land grabs” should concern us all

Independent-owned boats like these on the Spanish Costa Brava could be forced out by Big Fish. Photo by Shel Horowitz

the public resource of the sea held in common, and giving it, for free and in perpetuity, to large corporations who are already catching the most fish

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Klein’s “Blockadia” Turns Out to be About Protecting our Water

We knew all the way back in 1983-84 how to build a beautiful, modern, net-zero-energy home…our failure to make this the norm is inexcusable…Technology doesn’t have to be about extreme extraction…Science and engineering can actually be the climate movement’s friends.

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Do We Never Lose Progress? I Wish Seth Godin Were 100% Right

If you think “it can’t happen here,” do some research on Berlin in the 1920s–or read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale). Or look at the scary anti-Arab and anti-Muslim acts of violence that started showing up regularly in the US starting in the aftermath of 9/11/01 and are still escalating.

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Was Gaudí a Biomimicry Pioneer?

The exterior is almost like it was done by an out-of-control cake decorator with a compulsion to sculpt every available surface; the interior is serene and calm, yet soaring and spiritually uplifting. It feels almost like some of the great mosques in Istanbul.

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Does a Cracker Really Need a 20,000-Mile Epic Journey?

But talk to any dairy farmer in the US, and you’ll find that the economics are very troubling. And when imports are dumped below-cost into subsistence farm economies in developing countries, the results can be tragic.

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Passenger Rail, Si! Nuclear Power, No!

The forces that created these two events were very different: government efforts for the train, a combination of citizen activism and market conditions for the shutdown. But several common threads across the wider map of society show that these victories are actually linked.

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The Troubling Case of the Northampton BID

I support the good work that the BID performed. But I do not support a process that’s tantamount to bullying, don’t support a double standard for BID supporters and opponents, and think it’s completely immoral to bring the organization in as a voluntary effort and then change the rules.

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