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10 People Who Changed My Life

It hurt like hell at the time, but on reflection, I realized he was right. And I changed my behavior!

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The Best Response Ever About Why Guilt and Shame Don’t Work

The example she gives of the young man confronting his father shows exactly why guilt and shame don’t work. Not to confront racism or other isms, and not to protect the planet

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Can We Get This Movie Into Every History and Social Studies Class?

a whole lot to say about ethics, families whose values conflict, and prejudice…quality of singing is amazingly high…Japanese-Americans, many of them citizens, were rounded up during the administration of FDR, a liberal Democrat

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Does Your Passion Still Leave You in Poverty?

join us for this powerful, complimentary interview series, you’ll hear personal, real-life stories of total transformation from experts who have all found and monetised their passion.

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Happy Buy Nothing Day

There’s an alternative celebration on the day after US Thanksgiving that resonates more with me: Buy Nothing Day: 24 hours without any purchasing activity. I can’t always do it; sometimes the gas tank is empty or I’m flying home from Thanksgiving in another part of the country. But this year, I see no reason to spend any money today.

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Why I’ll be on Wall Street Thursday Morning

The country has gotten so topsy turvy and out of balance that I don’t think Richard Nixon would be tolerated by the Republican Party anymore (he’s probably to the left of Obama, if you watch both men’s actions rather than their words), and even their ‘sainted’ Reagan would be too far left to be nominated today. We desperately need an effective Left in this country, and the Occupy movement is stepping up.

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In Some Areas, We HAVE Made Progress

The parade stretched for blocks and moved down Main Street to a cheering throng of some 15,000, lining not only both sidewalks but also the midline of our very wide boulevard. Contingents included students, teachers, and parents from several elementary and high schools…dozens of churches…our local public library, where I and several other writers marched along with the director, assistant director, and a couple of the trustees…and a number of prominent politicians

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A Year of Moving Forward, Part 1: Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green

And I discovered, particularly when doing media interviews, that I really do know quite a bit about going green, on a much deeper level than just “made from recycled materials” stuff. I was very pleased with the quality of some of the more than 100 interviews I did this year, finding that a number of the journalists went a lot deeper than others I’ve experienced in the past—and I was able to take them deeper still. I’m not saying this to brag, but because I didn’t actually realize how much I do know about many substantive issues around sustainability until I started answering so many great questions about it.

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In China, Death Sentence for Ethics Conviction

For seven years, Zheng Xiaoyu headed China’s Food and Drug Administration–a time in which that agency was filled with scandal, from tainted toothpaste to poisoned pet food. Both animals and people died in large numbers as a result, The New

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Cool! Someone Wrote A Song About Principled Profit

Out of the blue this morning, I received a fascinating e-mail: Hi Shel, I’m Joel Falconer, lead singer and songwriter of the Gold Coast, Australia-based Grok Rock band Midnight.Haulkerton. I don’t want to bother you, but I thought you might

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