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“The Post”—Super-Relevant Reminder from 1971

“The Post” lives up to the hype. It takes a very cerebral story and builds it into high drama, spurred by strong performances from Meryl Streep as publisher Katharine Graham) and Tom Hanks (editor Ben Bradlee). The overall message, about

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Net Neutrality: Read FCC Commissioner Mignon Clyburn’s Dissent

I hold in my hand letters that plead with the FCC to keep our net neutrality rules in place but what is striking and in keeping with the new norm, despite the millions of comments, letters, and calls received, this Order cites, not even one.

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Why Did Pepsi Get Attacked As “Tone-Deaf” On This Ad?

demonizes the Other without even listening, even when the Other is mere steps away on the political spectrum, dividing rather than uniting and leaving us all at risk when the real forces of repression sweep in

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Standing Rock Protector Accuses Other Side of Chemical Warfare

Level of repression against Standing Rock Water Protectors has been consistently shockingly high. There are numerous reports of the authorities using water cannons, tear gas, and even rubber bullets against this peaceful group of Native people fighting nonviolently to protect their water

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China and Dissent

All my life, I’ve heard about the authoritarian Chinese government micromanaging every aspect of everyone’s lives, the government’s total control over career options, and of course, the “reeducation” of intellectuals and destruction of cultural resources during the Cultural Revolution.  Getting

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Do We Never Lose Progress? I Wish Seth Godin Were 100% Right

If you think “it can’t happen here,” do some research on Berlin in the 1920s–or read Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale). Or look at the scary anti-Arab and anti-Muslim acts of violence that started showing up regularly in the US starting in the aftermath of 9/11/01 and are still escalating.

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Where One Freedom Ends and Another Begins

But just because the report was false (and probably motivated by someone seeking to stir up religious divisions) doesn’t mean we shouldn’t talk about the underlying issue: when does one person’s freedom stop and another’s start?

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Free Thinker = Satan’s Slave?

I was raised in an Orthodox Jewish household. People obeyed the commandments as they understood them, but spent lots of time debating their merits—and, for that matter, dissecting the world’s news.

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Finding Successful Ways to Confront Oppressive Behavior

So instead, I thought for a couple of minutes about what type of response would actually be heard and not blocked out—what could actually advance a dialog…And amazingly enough, this actually did open a door for some mild and thoughtful dialog. Not a perfect outcome but one I could feel reasonably good about. I had used the marketing principles I teach, and given the right message for the audience.

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HarperCollins Atlas Omits Israel—So Idiotic, I Thought It Was a Joke

If any governments insisted on refusing entry to accurate atlases, the company could have had a skilled social media manager explain why HC would no longer sell atlases into these countries, and create a pressure movement both from outside the country and from those inside who recognize that not knowing geography is a handicap in the global economic arena

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