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The Secret of the Fulcrum Principle

“achieve the greatest result with the least amount of effort,” including finding others to do some of the work. Change happens as fast as possible, but as slow as necessary.Why we need both “shock troops” and “put-it-back-togethers”

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Does Your Passion Still Leave You in Poverty?

join us for this powerful, complimentary interview series, you’ll hear personal, real-life stories of total transformation from experts who have all found and monetised their passion.

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Chris Brogan on How to Win at Planning

Chris…managed to boil down the whole planning process into just three questions. I think that’s awesome, and am pleased to share it with you.

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How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?

Someone asked a very odd question in a discussion group: How a startup is viewed (by an investor) when its majority spending is on marketing/advertising? In my answer, I chose to ignore the investor question (although I hint at it

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Social Entrepreneurship MUST Be Genuine

Charitable give-backs are NOT the only model. I’m rather a fan of creating products, services, and business cultures that directly *and profitably* turn hunger and poverty into sufficiency, war into peace, and catastrophic climate change into planetary balance.

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Advice to a Startup–Four Things I Wish I’d Known

If someone had given me these four bits of advice in 1981 when I was just starting out, I’d have been on the success track a lot faster.

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False Promises, Unnecessary Obsolescence

False Promises Vermont’s first-in-the-nation GMO labeling law went into effect this week. I consider that a very good thing, far superior to the kludged-together industry-giveaway federal version currently under discussion in Congress. But it got me thinking about the promise the food industry

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Seth Godin and “The Benefit of Confidence”

Legendary marketer Seth Godin recently wrote about offering the benefit of confidence, rather than the benefit of the doubt. He said: Someone faced with doubt rarely brings her best self to the table. Doubt undermines confidence, it casts aspersions, it

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Are Your Brand Ambassadors Helping or Hurting?

When I told her that careful writing matters to me and that I wouldn’t be doing business, she started asking whether I would scout for her as an affiliate.

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If You Hire Stupid People, Customers Will Think You’re Stupid

The brain of a call center clerk ("Call Center Dave," by Ray Smithers)-graphic

I never went back to that dealer for anything else, ever, not even a tube of touch-up paint…And the next time I bought a new car, it wasn’t a Toyota. That mechanic threw away 20 years of brand loyalty and a lifetime customer value in the hundreds of thousands.

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