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“The Post”—Super-Relevant Reminder from 1971

“The Post” lives up to the hype. It takes a very cerebral story and builds it into high drama, spurred by strong performances from Meryl Streep as publisher Katharine Graham) and Tom Hanks (editor Ben Bradlee). The overall message, about

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Melania, Dr. Seuss, Racism, and Class Issues—What a Kerfluffle

just as Soeiro cites sources that bolster her opinion, I can cite sources that bolster mine. For example, this profile of Seuss in Tikkun highlights many of his progressive activities…

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As Bad As Things Are, We Still Can Laugh—And This Made Me Laugh A LOT

uncanny ability to get deep into our angst, to express all the fear and worry we face, and to be side-splittingly funny…a perfectly captured 20-second cameo by Jeff Sessions…and Hillary chomping down on WHAT?

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Can We Get This Movie Into Every History and Social Studies Class?

a whole lot to say about ethics, families whose values conflict, and prejudice…quality of singing is amazingly high…Japanese-Americans, many of them citizens, were rounded up during the administration of FDR, a liberal Democrat

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Can Trying on a Kimono Be an Act of Cultural Imperialism?

To me, the correct response would have been for the museum to meet with the protestors and ask for their input in recasting the exhibit so it enlarged the educational aspect…an even more appropriate way to handle it would have been to involve local Japanese-American organizations in the planning and curation to begin with.

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Was Gaudí a Biomimicry Pioneer?

The exterior is almost like it was done by an out-of-control cake decorator with a compulsion to sculpt every available surface; the interior is serene and calm, yet soaring and spiritually uplifting. It feels almost like some of the great mosques in Istanbul.

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A Bicultural Look at “No Impact Man,” Part 2

With the personal history I described in Part 1, our viewing of “No Impact Man” reflects both our urban past and our rural present: two very different worlds. Although we were never hyperconsumerist like Michelle, we certainly absorbed the message of

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A Bicultural Look at “No Impact Man,” Part 1

For many years, we’ve called ourselves “bicultural.” We can still function well in the fast-paced, loud, crowded setting of New York. But after 32 years in the Pioneer Valley, we’re actually more at home with our country neighbors—talking about our gardens, hiking the hills, and sharing an ethic that values the land.

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“Fabulous” vs. “Dogma”: Blasphemy is in the Eye of the Beholder

Of course, the vast majority of those who protest this play wherever it is performed have never seen or read it. As ignorant as the small minority of know-nothings within Islam who we rightly decry for smashing ancient Buddhist statues, they blindly follow the pronouncements of some leader who tells them what to think.

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The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel: Go See This Movie

What a delight! The more you’ve traveled in developing countries, the more you will relate to this charming and yet deeply socially conscious movie

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