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The Wrong Personalization Assumptions Can Sabotage a Sale

The video assumes that:
Everyone wants a big house in the suburbs, with a big yard and a big garage
Everyone is white and Christian and heterosexual
Anyone would call a Portland, Oregon phone number to buy a house in Massachusetts

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How do You Know When Advertising Claims are Real?

makes part of my living writing (non-hypey, fact-based but emotionally driven) marketing copy for green businesses, I can tell you that not all copywriters take the time to thoroughly understand the products they’re hired to write about. I would want to see independent verification of all these claims

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What I Told the Democrats, and Why

Remember: you are in someone’s email box because of the recipient’s good graces. Don’t abuse the relationship or overstay your welcome. If you annoy, you don’t get read, and eventually

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Will Budweiser’s Gamble Pay Off?

makes Budweiser’s “Born the Hard Way” Superbowl ad so surprising, almost shocking. The football-adoring working-class male Bud drinker (a big part of their audience) is one of the demographics most likely to have voted for DT.

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How Much Should You Spend on Marketing?

Someone asked a very odd question in a discussion group: How a startup is viewed (by an investor) when its majority spending is on marketing/advertising? In my answer, I chose to ignore the investor question (although I hint at it

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Why I’ve Boycotted My Neighborhood Theater Since 1969

We had a long and extended bad interaction with them that culminated in a phone call, “you have 24 hours to get your car out of our lot—and by the way, the engine is in pieces in the trunk.”

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Candy-Coated Popcorn, Peanuts—and WHAT?!?

From a branding point of view, I think it’s a huge error. Cracker Jack’s whole brand is built around nostalgia, Americana, baseball, and that unforgettable jingle.

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China and Westernization/Modernization

One of the West’s more obvious exports to China is status consciousness…In Shanghai, I saw a Ferrari, three Porsches, numerous Audis and Mercedes, a few Range Rovers, and several other luxury/sports cars I couldn’t identify.

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What the US Could Learn from Chinese Rapid Transit

I was puzzled at this at first.. But then I thought about what rush hour might look like in a city of 24 or 25 million residents. With the walls, not only is litter eliminated as a safety hazard, but no one can fall or be pushed onto the tracks.

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How a Big Four accounting firm reinvented itself as an agent of change

This Harvard Business Review article and accompanying video are too good not to share. The video is less than two minutes and well-worth watching. Watch it with your marketer hat on. Pay attention both to the direct message and to the

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