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Who Will Be Better for Business–Clinton or Trump?

Trump has a record of skipping out on what he owes small businesses, then bragging about how he cheated them. That will be bad for business. I’ve been speaking and writing about business ethics as a key to success since 2002, and he is completely devoid of ethics.

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When Donald Trump Loses, It WON’T be Because the Election was Rigged

But you will lose because you underestimate the decency of the American people. Your views AND your tactics are so repugnant that you even got ME to vote for Hillary Clinton…because I want your margin of defeat to be so “yuge”

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I Do Support an Org for Bernie Supporters–I Just Want to Know What I’m Joining

Got some flak for my recent blog post entitled “Why I’m Not Joining Bernie’s New Org.” My wife, in particular, worried publicly that people would get the idea that I think Bernie’s movement is flawed. In reality, I’m objecting to

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Why I’m Not Joining Bernie’s New Org

Here, I don’t even see a pretense. I see nothing about what this organization will stand for, what tactics it will use, etc. Even for Sanders, I don’t write a blank check. Not financially, and not in my commitment to an organization whose tenets I can’t describe. Even for Bernie, I won’t sign blind.

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