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What Symbolism! A Bernie Phonebank at Zuccotti Park

The symbolism of raising money to fight Wall Street in Wall Street’s own shadow—and at the very location where a bunch of “riff-raff” took on the power structure—is clear…and beautiful.

It’s been a good week for symbolism in the Bernie camp; a few days ago, a bird landed on his podium

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What the US Could Learn from Chinese Rapid Transit

I was puzzled at this at first.. But then I thought about what rush hour might look like in a city of 24 or 25 million residents. With the walls, not only is litter eliminated as a safety hazard, but no one can fall or be pushed onto the tracks.

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My Biggest Takeway So Far in the 2016 US Presidential Race

The US presidential race is full of outsiders this year. Trump gets lots of attention in the media–but Sanders seems to be having more of an impact on policy questions, and on bringing disenfranchised-feeling voters in from outside the electoral

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