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Why Bernie Isn’t George McGovern—Or Michael Dukakis

Clinton urges us to tread water—to protect Obamacare, to accept the economic crumbs falling off the silk tablecloths of the 1%—to keep things as they are. Bernie urges us to think big. It’s the same message of hope and change that inspired millions of first-time voters to come out for Obama.

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Let Obama Appoint Scalia’s Replacement—History is on His Side

Senator McConnell…Our patience is at an end. If you do not let the nomination go forward, we will not just flood you with calls and letters. We will picket you again and again. We will engage in appropriate nonviolent action. And we we will do our best to bring about a Democratic supermajority in both houses of Congress.

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Hillary’s Pessimism vs. Bernie’s Optimism

Isn’t it so much better to aim for what you really want and get only three-quarters of the way than to aim for what you think is “achievable”—and still get only three-quarters of the way?

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