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Bernie and Brand Integrity

[Ben Cohen’s video] is hilarious, especially where he talks about breaking through the one percent barrier to spread the wealth (the chocolate) throughout the pint

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We Cannot Afford “Indifference” to Trump

A friend of mine, a very successful author and marketer, a deep student of the human psyche, asked on Facebook, “Why do you love/hate Trump? (Disclaimer: I’m indifferent.)” It was the disclaimer that got me worried. This is part of

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To Achieve Goals—Measure Progress

Shel reading at the exercise bike. Photo by D. Dina Friedman

The difference even between 2277 and 3290 is an extra 16.88 hours of exercise between January and February—not too shabby. I ended the year with 42,178 minutes of exercise, or an average of 115.55 minutes a day.

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Donald Trump Unmasked…In 1979!

He has managed to build a meme that as a “self-made man,” he has so much money, he can’t be bought…What is self-made is not his wealth, but his image.

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If You Hire Stupid People, Customers Will Think You’re Stupid

The brain of a call center clerk ("Call Center Dave," by Ray Smithers)-graphic

I never went back to that dealer for anything else, ever, not even a tube of touch-up paint…And the next time I bought a new car, it wasn’t a Toyota. That mechanic threw away 20 years of brand loyalty and a lifetime customer value in the hundreds of thousands.

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My Three “Brogan Words” to Inspire During 2016

This may be the most personal and vulnerable post I’ve ever written, particularly when I talk about the second word. Every year, Chris Brogan challenges his huge reader base to come up with three words to provide focus for the

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